Thursday, January 8, 2009

What Influences Your Color Schemes?

Meet the new dog bed! I fell in love with the colors and decided that these are the colors I want in my craft room/office. I have spent a lot of time deliberating on how I want to decorate. The rest of the house is pretty much Americana; imagine that being an Air Force family! I didn't want this room to be teacher-ish or hodge podge. When I spotted the dog bed (ahem, the colors!) last week, I knew I had to get it for the dogs! (ok, ME!) I dragged my friend Lisa into Costco today to see it and she said it was PERFECT!! Now to see if my painting friend can come up with something to match the dog bed and the colors/designs.

By the way, the snifferdoodles love their new bed. While I'm blogging, creating or just puttering, they're content to lay on their beautifully color designed bed and probably hope I don't take another picture of them! :)

How many things have you seen and/or bought thinking this would make a wonderful background paper for scrapbooking and/or rubberstamping? There's certain color combinations I just love and after spending time today on the Unity Stamp Company's Hip Hop Thursday blogs, perhaps they were part of my inspiration to look beyond the original function of the dog bed and create something even bigger!


Patter Cross said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog! You are very sweet, and I love the color scheme. It actually looks like my mother's color scheme in their bedroom (yes, another Air Force wife of 20 years). Were you in Germany? I left the U.S. in 3rd grade and stayed in England and Germany until I graduated from High School. I see you had Germany on your profile. Too fun! Anyway, glad you love the Unity Hip Hop, and glad to have you joining the His Holy Name Challenge! Blessings to you!!!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Those colors are absolutely elegant, Kerri. It will certainly make your craft room an inspiring space!
And the fact that the dogs love the cushion is amazing! Mine are very wary, and only after the pillow has been in the house for a LONG time, will they actually consent to use it. (And grudgingly, at that...)

benjyjen said...

Love the colors! I have thought about switching from the red accents to the blue! How nice that the pups' luxury inspires you!

Anonymous said...

The colors are very serene and restful. I think they will look great. Interior designers seem to get their inspiration from fabrics or paintings so a dog bed fits right in.

I love Costco!