Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This week's meals at the York household

It's become interesting to feed our family. I grew up in a larger family and I learned to cook big meals. Then it was just my husband and I. There were LOTS of leftovers til I became wise in small portion cooking recipes. Add two kids...I could start doing bigger meals again! Hmm, I'm at the empty nest stage now and struggling with making those smaller meals again. I'm not fond of a lot of freezer meals because I like things fresh. Mr. York used to take the leftovers (because I'm not much of a leftover person, either!) but his new job feeds him each day. It's kinda expected he eats with the guys. Since I've been home for the last three weeks because of interesting precipitation situations, I've wanted to "nest" and create in the kitchen. Lucky for me, Ian is home for the month so I'm trying to make him some of his favorite meals & try out some new things on the boys, too! We've been blessed this week with a HUGE bag of salad and I refuse to let any of it go bad so we're eating it all week long~

Here's what's for dinner this week:
Monday -- Bubble Pizza, salad
Tuesday -- Tater tot casserole with green beans, salad
Wednesday --* pork loin roast, bow tie pasta in garlic/herb sauce, steamed broccoli
Thursday -- pork enchiladas, taco rice, salad
Friday -- "clean out the fridge" buffet
Saturday -- * Baked Potato Soup, whole wheat rolls, salad
Sunday -- Chicken cacciatore, salad, garlic bread

And my new favorite brownie recipe.... * Perfectly Peppermint Brownie (using York premium baking pieces! Since our last name is York, we love supporting this company!!)

The starred recipes are the ones my family loves and they're new recipes! Yahooo! They didn't give me any thumbs up on the Bubble Pizza and it's probably just because of the age of my "boys" -- 21 and 47. My family is fussy in that they like their biscuits/rolls from scratch, no biscuits from a can. (That also include pancake & waffle mix....I've spoiled them!!)

Ok, off to mark off my 100 points for The Small Things. It's 10:25 pm Pacific and it's still Wednesday for another hour and a half! Hmm, to go to bed or to find something else to do in my recaptured craft/office room?


MindyLew said...

Don't you just love "the clean out the fridge-Buffet night"? I finally just cleaned out my fridge from the holidays and it is amazing how items can get "lost".

The Farmer's Wife said...

Here's the funny thing: almost every blog I've read in the last two days has dealt with menus, meals and groceries! I'm having a great time seeing what other people are making thier families, because I'm completely uninspired, myself.
My family gets homemade everything, too, and my daughter who is four, didn't know you could BUY biscuits or cookies for the longest time! They love the boughten doughnuts, here. And so do I, because those are the days I can just have my coffee and ease into the day.
Hope you survive all this precipitation, Kerri. Have you been reading ark building instructions in the Bible?

pam said...

Love your meal ideas. Meals are always a challenge. I am interested in trying your brownies. Have a great day.

JyLnC said...

I love Bubble Pizza and it is one of my husband's favorites. I also love Baked Potato soup! You're very organized to plan your meals. I'm impressed.

Dawn Gahan said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway! Good luck!


P.S. What's your craft room like? I would give anything to have a designated room for my passion!!!!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

You wouldn't mind posting your meals (and recipes) every week would you? It would help me out immensely! All of it looks delicious. I think I'm going to try the pork loin roast this week. I LOVE crock pot cooking!