Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summer time fun!

This summer has ZIPPED past! We had Easton with us a few weeks ago and enjoyed every moment with his laughter, smiles, temper tantrums and quickness. The pictures below are from when he was with us and when we went to the Seattle area. I can't believe summer is on its last legs. (The heat doesn't know that yet since it's about 99 here today!) But I am going to enjoy the most of the time I have before the snow hits. The last picture is of the summer yummy dessert I made for David today. We have blackberries (without thorns!) in our backyard and I was so excited to find the vines loaded with ripe berries. I had to do a taste test right after the Blackberry Crisp came out of the oven. It is DELICIOUS!

Mr. Sunshine every morning!

Swimming at Diane's pool

Jen and Easton at the Kingston ferry dock

Easton and his great grandma (my mom)

Opa and Easton relaxing after dinner

Ice cream smiles

Blackberry Crisp -- definitely a keeper recipe for the amazing flavors of summer!