Saturday, April 3, 2010

Learning to Trust Myself

Happy Easter Weekend!

I was looking through "More", a magazine for those of us over 40. Sometimes there's some pretty amazing stuff in here, other times I just laugh at it.

This morning I found an article entitled "Learning to Trust Myself" and my curiousity was peaked. I seem to always doubt myself and I'd love to learn the secret of being ok to trust myself. As I started reading the article, the author describes her pursuit of finding out what was wrong with her.....imagine my amazement to read that she has MS and she's 45 just like me.

It's been 9 years of my diagnosis of MS. Thanks to the wisdom of my drs and continued great care these last nine years, I'm doing well. I've worked hard to be informed and make sure I have control of my medical life. Learning and looking out for yourself is important because you're the only one who really matters when it comes to your own health!

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