Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"Spokane Under Snow Seige"

WA State and Spokane!

Where is Spokane? It's in Eastern WA, very close to the Idaho border. We're 300 miles east of Seattle!

The title is taken from's post and you can read all about Spokane's battle with the snow/ice/slush/short tempers on their website.

A few excerpts:
  • Spokane has received more than 78 inches of snow -- about the height of Michael Jordan -- since mid-December. That's far above its average of less than 50 inches for an entire winter. Normally about 16 inches would have fallen at this point.

  • Treacherous roads are a major complaint. Many are covered with ice, heavily rutted and reduced to one lane by piles of plowed snow.

  • One man was arrested by Spokane police after gunshots were fired Monday morning at a private snow plow operator who was clearing a parking lot. Police said the motorist apparently got upset when the plow operator honked his horn.

  • But two women who work at the Chocolate Apothecary in downtown Spokane have found a coping mechanism. "We are surrounded by chocolate," said owner Susan Davis. "It's all good in here."

Wonder if I can get there from my house today? I think I'll stay in my safe home and work on my stash of chocolates here, plus enjoy my Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee. A perfect time to get caught up on rubberstamping, too!


Anonymous said...

It sounds good to me. Coffee and chocolate can't be beat on a snowy day. My brother lives in Colton which is in the southeast corner of Washington. I wonder if he is buried in snow, too. Like most bros he doesn't e-mail as often as his sister would like.

Creative Mish said...

This is crazy! I've been watching the weather because my Mom lives in Moscow, ID.. They're having it bad too, but not as bad as Spokane!