Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy 23rd birthday, Jennifer!

A Girl and Her Dogs

Today is our daughter Jen's 23rd birthday!! She's teaching Spanish at a high school five hours away from us so we didn't get to be with her today. We did call her, texted her, sent her flowers to her school and thought about her all day! I will be traveling down to her house on Friday to spend a girls' weekend together. She has a new craft place in the Portland area to share with me. Fun, fun!

The black and white border collie mix is Manchas (Spanish for "Spot") and Melody is the beagle puppy in Jen's arms. Melody is Dieter's and Ubu's mom and looks much like her beagle boys! The picture is a few years old but this is what a typical night at our house would look like if Jen was home. Hanging out on the couch with her dogs!

Happy Birthday, Jen!! We love you~


"Ice Pony Girl" said...

Happy birthday to Jen! Is she your daughter?

My daughter's name is Jennifer. <;p]

Anonymous said...

And can you believe Jo is just behind...they are growing more mature so quickly!