Saturday, January 10, 2009

January's 10 on 10

Hi, everyone! This month's 10 on 10 focused on me getting ready to go to the gym! These are the things I need to make the adventure fun and give my workout 100%. I did two miles on the treadmill and 20 minutes on the elliptical machine! WOOOHOO~ Make sure you check out the last section to read about the fantastic song I listened to today. Your heart will be blessed and you will be challenged to find GRACE!

Good for the Heart bananas!

I always have a cup of coffee before I do a walk!

The ONLY shoes my feet can handle. Love them tons!

Extremely comfortable and cushy socks!

The necessary water bottle!

The vitamins I probably should be taking ALL the time!

As the mileage increases, I'll start drinking this or something similar.

Where the workout takes place!

The shirt with the reminder of my first marathon!

My trusty little MP3 player full of great music to get me energized!

I was listening today to the song "Saving Grace" by Point of Grace. Here's a part of the song I was touched by. Wow, who is the Grace I need to be reaching out to?

It's all about saving Grace
All about living love
Being Jesus to those He came to save
Sharing life and giving our own away
It's all about serving God
All about saving Grace.
There are countless millions just like Grace
Who need a merciful embrace
They won't believe our God is real
Until they feel His touch


benjyjen said...

Good for you! I hope your workout was wonderful! You inspire me! Your 10 on 10 is fabulous! thanks for the reminder about grace...

JyLnC said...

You go girl....always strive towards healthy living. It's tough though to achieve.