Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gratitude Friday (on Saturday)

Good morning, everyone! My Gratitude Friday/Saturday list includes:

1. continued job assignments. I have been busy teaching, from Kindergarten to 6th grade in three different school districts. I am blessed beyond belief to have such great kids to work with! I come home tired but know that it's been a wonderful day of learning.

2. a reminder that we don't know what tomorrow holds, but I know WHO holds my hand. There's an fellow MS blogger that wrote What Will Tomorrow Bring? "Those of us who live with multiple sclerosis, day in and day out, know that our abilities may dramatically change at any time. That’s the reality of living with a faulty electrical system. If there’s a “short in the cord,” the electrical message isn’t going to get through." Well, I'm not worried!!!

3. continued supply of food. We're off to serve at our Food Pantry this morning. For many of our guests, the reserves aren't there. I look at my refrigerator, freezer and cupboards and know there's food for at least a few weeks. I'm also thankful that I've been taught how to budget, create healthy meals from scratch and able to share with my neighbor in need, too!

4. my daughter, Jennifer. She turns 23 this next Tuesday!! What a joy she's been in our lives. She's teaching high school Spanish five hours away and I'm kinda sad that we don't get to be with her for her special day.

5. my morning cup of coffee! It's a hot cup of Starbucks Christmas blend (I still have three pounds of it to savor!) This morning, on a very chilly Saturday morning, it's comforting to wrap my hand around the cup while I'm reflecting on what my heart is grateful for today!

Ok, I'm making a fresh pot of coffee for you....grab your own mug and reflect on what you're grateful for, too!


Rachel Anne said...

Lots of things to be thankful for, even in the midst of this crazy world. I am filled with gratitude every time I put groceries away....I know many people are really hurting right now, and I'd like to find a way (like you) to do more.

I love the special coffees but always come back to my "regular joe"....Folger's Columbian roast. Not too strong, not too wimpy. Just right.

But I will NEVER turn down a good cup of Starbucks! Thanks for the coffee today!!

mholgate said...

Hi Kerry! What a great list. Did you have a good party last night? I'm sorry I didn't RSVP. We already had plans with our friends for dinner.

Have a great weekend!


benjyjen said...

Thanks for the Christmas Blend, kerri! It's my favorite! As always, your gratitude reminder makes me stop and reflect. You inspire me. Enjoy your weekend. Maybe see you around Ridgeview next week!

secondofwett said...

I'm grateful for my hubby who tried to shield me from a whole lot of pain today. I'll always be gratful that the Lord brought us together 38 years ago....he's my hero.

Erin said...

The list is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the list and a cup of coffee.

Kara said...

That's great to encourage everyone to think of things to be grateful for. :) (I'm reading Company Girls coffee a little late this week...)

Thanks for sharing!

Nancy said...

What a great list of gratitude to share. I find abundance in my daily life and have tried to be more diligent about thanking the good Lord for all of it. It's pretty easy to remember to do so when we hear the doom & gloom on the news -- there are many who are struggling with the basics right now and I feel so grateful to have those needs met. Thank you for keeping me on course.