Monday, January 5, 2009

Puppy vs Kitten

No school today due to the snow and ice so it was a very relaxed day here again. I'm ready to be able to start photographing something else, though, besides my pets and the snow! :) This morning I gave both puppies a chew bone to keep them occupied. Dieter decided that he would try to bury it on my bed. Well, Klaus (the terrorist kitten!) decided he wanted to try out the bone, too. It was too funny. Today's Project 365 picture is the end result, showing Dieter with his bone and Klaus not being very amused!


The Farmer's Wife said...

Why do they always choose the bed? Molly buried her rawhide bones amongst the pillows on our bed!
I'll bet you are ready to get back to school!

Kailana said...

Great stuff, huh? Finally get off break just to have school canceled for the lovely weather!