Thursday, January 15, 2009

Project 365 Update

Helloooooooooo! (said with a cheery voice!)

I haven't forgotten Project 365! I've been taking pictures and getting them labeled with the date. I just haven't been diligent on posting them each day. I've been blessed with teaching every day this week and well, I've been a tad bit exhausted when I get home. Especially since the gym and I have begun to know each other.

So here's the last four days' worth of pictures! Enjoy~

Jan. 12 Azteca with the girls!

Jan. 13 Kindergarten Quilt

Jan. 14 Broken car mirror!

Jan. 15 Inspiring words in my office!


The Farmer's Wife said...

Ooo! I could use a little of that Mexican food you have in the first photo! But I can live without the broken car mirror...

Hope your teaching is going well and that you get a little rest this weekend. It's tough to go from the Christmas break into a full schedule, isn't it?

JyLnC said...

I love chips and salsa and I'm glad you were able to teach four days. Ouch on the car mirror.