Thursday, January 29, 2009

The End of the Starbucks Day....

...didn't end the way I thought it would, with those muffins and soup. Nope! Dinner ended up being leftover cooked by Mr. York!

My dr appt was at 2 pm, I got to see my dr at 3. (I'm giving grace here because I definitely want her to spend time with me and I only have three medical problems! I'm thinking that internal medicine drs definitely need longer patient/dr time!) She checked out my foot and said that I either have a stress fracture or that long word that sounds really strange. I had two choices: wait a few days for a referral to come through for a civilian x-ray or go out to the base for an x-ray there. I chose the latter. HOWEVER, I didn't realize the x-ray image gets read at Travis AFB. Tomorrow is a down day for them so there's only one radiologist working! I still have to wait to get the results back. "WAIT, WAIT, WAIT".....I'm starting to hear a theme here. I probably won't get the results til Wed and then we'll see what the dr has for a plan of action. Stress fracture means a boot for six weeks AGAIN....the other problem (I'll find out what the medical term is) gets a different treatment. I'm probably going to get orthotics, too, for my shoes.

Soooooooooo, I really did end up at the base at 3:45. I was able to get two new prescriptions for the meds I haven't been taking (It was TRUE CONFESSION time at the dr office!), had my foot x-ray'ed and then I got to wander into the commissary & the BX. New earrings for me, raw hide bones for Jen's dogs (b'day present!), a few more groceries that I didn't buy at Safeway, and one Almond Snickers bar for the ride home. I got back home around 5 pm.

Church worship night was on the calendar for tonight. I went by myself because Mr. York's tummy wasn't feeling well. Before I got there, I treated myself to another Venti non fat, extra hot vanilla latte at Starbucks! The worship night was amazing! However, imagine this! I am sooooooooo sleepy that you'd never know that I've had two of these lattes today, plus a pot of Starbucks Christmas blend. heart is content with knowing my tummy been blessed with Starbucks today!

Tomorrow, I'm teaching Special Education all day and then it's off to Jen's house for the weekend! I'll try to post my gratitude list, too. Have a great weekend, everyone!


The Farmer's Wife said...

First something silly: I think it's just the funniest thing that you all have the last name of York and like peppermint foods...that cracks me up! I wish my last name was Ghiradelli...

My friend Traci has been fighting (bear with me, I'm going to spell this wrong) plantar faschaeitis with her foot for almost a year now. (I think I used all the available vowels, Vanna...) It has been such a frustrating thing, and it affects her life in so many difficult ways. I hope you are able to get this treated and hit the track again.

Here are my gratitudes, in no particular order:
1. Unexpected friends...through these blogs!
2. Work from home job. My co-workers are my kids. Sometimes that's good, sometimes it's just weird.
3. Dishwashers in good working order. YAY!
4. My dog, Molly. A little drop of sunshine when I need it.
5. Peace that passes understanding. Although, I need to explain that MOST all things in life pass my understanding.

Happy Friday, Kerri!

Kerri said...

I LOVE your gratitude list! I'm so thankful to meet you. You touched my heart yesterday!!!

I think you spelled that big word I was looking for yesterday. My foot feels much better today -- two friends at church prayed for it! Me of little faith wonders, but it does feel better.

I'm sooo tired after the five hour drive down to Jen's house. I shared the Ghiradelli comment with her. She laughed! :)

have a great weekend...I'll take pictures of our girls' weekend.

Peace of mind versus a piece of your mind :)