Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Friday, the start of Spring Break!

Good morning! Grab a cup of coffee and stay for awhile. The rainy weather has made it a day that is good for visiting, drinking coffee and staying warm & dry.

I went to PT this morning. It's my 10th week of visits and to be truthful, it's getting OLD! Thankful for insurance, though, that pays for it and I am feeling better. If it's not one ache and something out of whack, it's something else. Next week I'm going to get a massage and see the chiropractor & then PT. We'll see how that goes!

It's officially spring break for Mr. York and I. I'm so glad. I need the break in action! David has one more week of student teaching and he's done with his teaching certification. (My cousin Cacey is just about done with her teaching certification, too. I love having teachers in our family! I think there's at least five of us teaching at all different levels.) Graduation for Whitworth University is May 13th. Mark your calendar!

We get to see our little cutie this weekend. He's RUNNING now, everywhere. What a blessing Easton is. He's 16 months and keeps us laughing all the time!

Prayer requests: jobs for both David and I next year, continued wellness for all of us, an electrician/plumber to finish our hot water heater & check all of our wiring.

Happy Friday. Enjoy your coffee! (it's home roasted by Mr. York.)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Spring!

Hello! Last Tuesday was the beginning of spring and it was snowing. I didn't let it stop me, though. When there was a break in the action, I planted primroses and red tulips. The tulips, after a week, are working on blooming!

We've had the strangest Spokane weather. Sunday it was 60+ degrees and the dogs and I were LOVING it outside. I put laundry out on the line, which actually dried! I got a lot accomplished that day. Monday it POURED. Today, it's cold but not rain, with the sun trying to peak through. It's a good day to spring clean inside!

What's spring like in your little part of the world?