Friday, May 1, 2009

Gratitude Friday and HAPPY MAY DAY!

Good morning, everyone! Coffee's on, cups are on the counter waiting for you. Enjoy the freshly roasted coffee that the Duke roasted for us earlier this week.

Today's Gratitude List:

1. God's grace that reaches down to me even when I mess up big time!
2. Worship night at Melissa's church! It was a blessing to just sit there and absorb.
3. My dad and his family. Even though it was a bit awkward, it was nice to have them at my house and be a part of their lives for 17 hours.
4. Friends who meet for coffee, lunch, birthday celebrations.
5. Continued weight loss and being in good health! Having a compromised immune system, I always expect to get everyone's germs and I have only been sick once this school year. I've been in many classrooms with kiddos, too. Still don't have much of a voice because of pollen allergies but I can live with it for another week. My advice for staying healthy: wash your hands often, NEVER use anyone else's pencil or pen, get lots of sleep, exercise!
6. Drs who saw the Class 2 Block in my husband's heart monitor report and put him on blood pressure medicine to help with the problem!

I'm teaching Kindergarten this morning so I'm headed out in a little bit. What's on your list today? I'd love to come visit you -- I'll even bring my own coffee mug!


Kara @ KSS said...

Good gratitude list. :)

Mine would be: A place to move until our house is built. That we sold our townhome. That we found people to come help us tonight. That the weather is nice for moving. That I have great friend and family...and of course my wonderful husband.

Nancy said...

Happy May Day to you, bloggy friend.

Bloomsday this weekend, right? Do you get in on the festivities?

My list: The fact that we have jobs to go to in this economic downturn; spring flowers blooming and the deep green grass; cool spring mornings; my husband and my girls of course.

riotwife said...

Great list, great reminders.

I'm having a struggle this week trying to come up with such a list, but as my friend says, "I've got life and a roof over my head."

joyceandnorm said...

I'm always excited to come by to read your gratitude list. Wow! Sick only once this school year? That's great. I have many teacher friends who have had to switch jobs because it was too much for them being sick all the time. I pray God continues to provide good health in this area for you. Hope your husband is doing okay. Have a fantastic weekend, and hope your voice gets better.

One More Equals Four said...

I am just so grateful for a loving God who is ALWAYS there!

Glad you have had good health, I have always been one to be really healthy and I really take it for granted!

Emily said...

Read my TGoF post!

Mommahen said...

I'm so glad your health has been good! And I know what it is like to be grateful for weight loss! So I am there with you sister!:)

I am grateful that God takes care of us in the midst of the storm, even when we don't feel like he's there. My hubby kept saying this week, trust that He is on our boat, even if the storm continues raging. And now I am glad the storm is calming down. Have a blessed weekend!

JyLnC said...

Great list and I'm glad you're avoiding picking up everyone's illnesses from the classroom.

Anonymous said...

I too am glad that your health is good right now.

I'm grateful that we are still paying our bills after 7 weeks of unemployment, for 5 healthy children, a loving and supportive extended family, a sovereign God who loves even me.

Have a blessed weekend!
Lydia Cate

Rachel Anne said...

Great list, as usual. I'm glad your visit with your family went well, even if it was awkward. I guess there are blessings to be found everywhere.

See you soon!

mholgate said...

Hi Kerri! As usual, I'm having my coffee on Saturday instead. I don't know why I don't make it around on Fridays. Maybe it's because it's Scott's day off and I like to spend family time hanging out together. :)

My headache is gone and now I'm just left with a stuffy nose. I think we've gone through at least two boxes of kleenex in the past couple of days. Lindsey's fever spiked to 104 yesterday. I took her in to the doctor and thankfully, it's not strep. She has the virus that's going around that causes blisters on the back of the throat, a fever, an upset stomach, and even rash. Poor thing. I think Caleb has the same. They're both being pretty good sports about it.

Well, I'm off to get the kiddos some water and watch them play. Have a great day!


secondofwett said...

I have been fighting a cold that my husband shared w/me earlier in the week....I'll be glad when my immune system kicks in! I am thankful for my husband who takes care of me even when he doesn't feel up to snuff either.

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

Praise God that your husband's health issues were discovered early. I enjoy reading your Gratitute List each week. It reminds me to be grateful. :)

Dani said...

Let's list would be:
A sweet, silly, smart baby boy, A thoughtful husband who sent me flowers for mother's day, my grandmother is fairly stable in ICU, That God wants me to talk to Him!

Have a great day!