Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gratitude Friday (on Saturday)

Good morning! Grab a cup of coffee and share your gratitude list with me.

1. My friend Rachel is putting together a book all about girlfriends! I was looking at some of the photo entries this morning and realized how much I miss getting together with my many girlfriends. Why is there never time to get together or even just touch base via email, a phone call or snail mail? I'm going to have to fix that. I want more pictures of you all, esp since I lost my camera. Ok, hop over to Rachel's website and look at the photos I entered. If you have some amazing girlfriend photos you'd like to submit, go for it! Voting is going to take place after June 7th. (The photo below is from my birthday last yr!)

2. sunshine in the beautiful Pacific NW! Blue skies, warm temps and the purple lilacs blooming! Only thing that could be better...we could be camping this weekend!! sigh...
3. great days of guest teaching -- no kindergarten, either! I'm still searching diligently for a full time teaching job but know I am blessed with the amazing guest teaching jobs I've had this year. I'll be kind of sad when school gets out in a few weeks.

4. a new Starbucks that opened up on Fairchild AFB!

5. size 10 capris are too big...I bought some last night at Costco and I got them home to realize that they didn't fit. Back they went! So it was great incentive to go to the gym last night to walk/run five miles. Plus I got to watch the Seattle Mariners vs San Francisco Giants. I stopped my exercise after the 7th inning. I would have been there FOREVER since they went into the 12th inning with Seattle winning 2-1 (WOOHOO!) My secrets for continued weight loss and inches -- eating breakfast every morning, taking meds that help my body do what it's supposed to do instead of gaining more weight, lots of different types of exercise, almost zero sugar (including soda pop and only a smidge of chocolate) and try to not eat after 7 pm. It works for me!

Have a great weekend! The York family is headed to the Mt. Hood area tomorrow to attend a family reunion on my dad's side. It could be interesting. I love seeing my cousin Gigi who also has 2 beagles so just being with her will be worth the trip!


Mee mOe said...

I really like your template, where did you get it, thanks for sharing, come visit me soon.

Pink Monkey said...

I give you credit for having the patience to work with young kids. I volunteer once a week in my son's 1st grade class. Two hours is pushing me to the limit.

I need to get on some sort of fitness plan. I'm starting to see dimples on the FRONT of my knee. Gross! Fifteen pounds is my goal. I'm just struggling with self-control. Too much snacking. This long weekend probably isn't going to help with my cause either [sigh].

Have a great sun shiny weekend.

joyceandnorm said...

Good job on your weight loss!! I heard that getting a good amt of sleep helps too.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

Way to go on your exercise plan! Size 10...that was too long ago to admit. :oP

Hope your family reunion is great!

I am feeling very thankful for my family.

mholgate said...

Kerri, I miss you! Let's catch up!