Monday, May 25, 2009

Sister, sister!

I am happy to introduce my two sisters to you!! This is the first time that all three of us have EVER been together. Tammy, Mattie and I have never lived together and only have met each other about four times. Our paths only cross when our dad brings one of us to meet the other. The first time I met Tammy (left side of picture) was when I was pregnant with Ian (22 yrs ago!) The first time I met Mattie (right side of picture) was when he brought her to Germany and she was about 2 1/2 yrs old. (She's now 19!) This picture will be treasured FOREVER because it's the first time we've ever been photographed together. Amazing, huh?

We have a very interesting history between all of us but I'm so glad that we got to be together at the Hescock family reunion this weekend! Stay tuned for more great pictures of our family.


Anonymous said...

It is amazing the likeness that comes through...Kerri I would love to meet all yor sisters.

The Farmer's Wife said...

What a precious picture!
You all have such beautiful smiles. Life stories are so much more interesting than fiction....
Family tapestries usually have knots, different fibers, and intricate patterns to make a picture that is rich and valuable.

Can't wait to see more pictures!

MyJourneyBack said...

Oh how cool. I am so happy you finally all three got together.
Thanks for sharing this sweet moment.
Many Blessings for continued precious moments like this.
Have a great day,