Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pack ONE suitcase!

Very early Friday morning I leave for Dallas/Ft. Worth to see not only my very good friend Lisa but I get to re-meet Rachael Anne! I'm starting to get the travel bug tonight & want to get the suitcase out. Hmm, puppies would probably help me in this endeavor so I think I'll wait til tomorrow afternoon when I have more time.

What to pack? Running clothes and shoes for the Buffalo Boogie, comfy clothes for just lounging around with friends, perhaps the new fun dress I got a few weeks ago. What else? We're talking four days including travel, one larger type of carryon bag. What would be in your suitcase?
ps... Don't worry, Lisa! The curry ketchup is on the top of the piano waiting for first class placement into the suitcase tomorrow!


Cindy said...

Have fun!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Well, sweetie, if you are going to Dallas/Ft.Worth, you'll need heels and hairspray...gotta have big Texas hair. And get your nails done. I swear, the women that I encountered in that area would eat stale raman noodles before they'd give up their manicure!

What would I pack? Hmm.
Probably some skirts that could dress up or down, my Penny shirt, flip-flops, nail polish, as much gaudy jewelry as I could come up with (this IS Dallas/Ft Worth), several dressy tshirts that could go either way, pair of jeans, light sweater, sunglasses, swimsuit, any respectable p.j.'s I could find, and SpraynWash, because BBQ is messy and I'm not going to hold back.

I'm ready! Let's go.

Have a great time.