Thursday, May 7, 2009

Being a positive part of little lives... something I LOVE to be a part of! The last few days I've had a different type of assignment for guest teaching. I'm at one school, but only in a classroom for 30 minutes at a time. The teachers are meeting with the principal one on one so I've got the kids while they're meeting. It might not work for some guest teachers to be this type of "sub" but I've loved it! On Tuesday, I was a part of at least 200 students' lives! (9 classes, I think!) Today it's 7 classes, including PE. WOOHOO! It is fun to go in to see what the students are doing, teach a quick mini-lesson or just keep everyone on track. (sometimes easier said than done but always accomplished with my big bag of many tricks.)

If I can't get a full time teaching job here in Spokane, at least I have schools where I am loved as a guest teacher and that in itself speaks a multitude of love and respect for my profession as an educator!

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Christine said...

Sounds as if 200 students are blessed by you =O)