Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Slow Day...

It's nice to be at home today and just be able to read & nap! Mr. Sunshine isn't out playing and although I had an option to teach this afternoon, I've got some projects to get finished inside the house.

I heard back from the president of Quality Schools International (where the kindergarten teaching position was posted) and the job had been filled on Saturday. However, he gave great encouragement to me and through a series of emails, we'll be meeting this summer in Spokane for an interview!! WOOHOOO~ When I told him that the Duke is going back to school to get his teaching certificate in High School Science, he said they love to hire married couples to teach in their schools. Who knows, perhaps in the next few years, the Yorks could be teaching overseas somewhere!!

In the meantime, I'm continuing to search for teaching jobs. I found one in Walla Walla but definitely need to go back to school to become proficient in Spanish (it's a dual language elementary teacher position). There's also a lot of openings in Montana (thanks, Montana girlfriends!) but I've got to see how the Montana certification sysytem works & figure out how to get fingerprinted through their OPI. Wonder if I have to take a trip over to Missoula to get it all taken care of.

Time to find something to nibble on. The Beagle Boys and I will go on a walk later this afternoon!

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TraciG said...

Truthfully Kerri, I think some of the districts are pretty desperate so you could probably even get a provisional certificate if you had to. You could probably find a number to the certification department at OPI at that same site. Let me know if I can help at all!