Saturday, May 16, 2009

Half Marathon Results

Today's half marathon was a great race! Following the beautiful Spokane River, it was a fairly flat course. I finished in 2:51. I am very happy with the time since I'd finished my last half marathon in 3:30. I'm learning that I really need to have Gatorade or something similar in my system very early in the race so my right leg doesn't go weird on me at Mile 5. Those electolytes are definitely important! I tend to start out slow and then pick up speed towards the end, too. We'll see how the next race goes as I change a few things around.
My afternoon nap of 3 hours was longer than my race! I enjoyed every minute of it and woke up feeling quite refreshed & not so sore. Some people say I wasted a gorgeous afternoon here by sleeping but the nap was a great recharger for me. Tomorrow I'll do a short run for recovery! Then it's back to training for the Seattle Rock and Roll Half Marathon in June.

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mholgate said...

Way to go Kerri! :)