Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Personal Update! No more excuses~

I'm happy to announce a PERSONAL UPDATE on my fitness training!

I hadn't been keeping track of how much I've lost, either poundage or inches, because I didn't have a scale that worked very well. It'd say one weight the first time I stepped on, step on it again and I'd either gained or lost two pounds in 20 seconds.

I bought a new digital scale yesterday, one with BIG numbers so these 44 yr old eyes could see the display. Being 5'8" makes it difficult to see down to my toes! (Thankfully it's just the distance, not because my tummy is in the way!)

Such exciting news!! I'm down to 157....last May I weighed in at 178!!! (and I wasn't even pregnant..quite sad.) Clothes fit so much differently and although I'm wearing a size 10, I feel quite thin and lean. There's still some inches to go....and seven more pounds to my goal. The gym and I have become bestest friends and as I train for the Seattle Rock and Roll Half Marathon, I'm reminded every day to not let the committee win. Even when I don't want to drag my hiney into the gym or walk with the Beagle Boys outside, I need to go! No more excuses and baby steps if needed. If you're struggling with losing weight or need incentive to get going, let me know...I'll be your biggest cheerleader!!!

I just wanted to share the exciting news with you...perhaps I'll see if the Duke will take a picture of me in my new dress that is adorable with polka dots! I went to dinner tonight with a girlfriend and ate just a shrimp & spinach salad. It's so easy to remember calories when you know how long you have to be on the treadmill to lose those calories! :)

Happy rest of your week.... remember, NO MORE EXCUSES! :)


The Farmer's Wife said...

Goot jop!!! That's quite the accomplishment, girl!

mholgate said...

Good for you! Keep up the healthy attitude! :)


Marisa said...

Way to go! I am so proud for you!