Monday, April 20, 2009

Humble Pie

When I was on staff at a local church, I was always making blunders and needed to apologize quite often to my co-leader of Children's Ministries. Because pie always tastes better with coffee, I would bring in two mochas & we would drink it as I apologized and we talked through the problem. The system worked well for us!

So today I needed to do an apology to a very good friend because it'd been about 48 hours since we last talked. I hate not having everything right and with my rotten track record of close friends, I don't want to build a wall between us. I didn't take the coffee like I did for my co-leader but I did take a piece of Godiva chocolate for this friend. The chocolate was NOT her humble was mine along with my words of apologies but she didn't get it!! And it frustrates me to have to explain my thinking to her because I feel stupid. So I just left it and moved onto my shoes I bought. I guess I could have bought another piece for myself and told her I was eating my piece of HUMBLE pie. She could have just enjoyed the ride and eaten her own heavenly piece of Godiva!! I so wanted to have things right with her today. I did say "humble pie is when you want to say you're sorry to another person and this is my way of saying I'm sorry!" Just like we all have different learning styles, this way of apologizing does not work with this particular friend. I'm learning. I hope it's a quick lesson.

Why is it that we "eat humble pie" when we're need to make an apology for a big blunder? What is its recipe? Is there anything else I can do with humble pie, e.g., bake it and feed it to someone? Hmmm, I don't think humble pie taste very different from crow. I must have left something out of today's recipe.

Ezekiel 18:30b-31a says "Repent! Turn from all your offenses; then sin will not be your downfall. Rid yourselves of all the offenses you have committed, and get a new heart, and a new spirit." That's what I want...a clean heart, a new spirit... and my friendship to continue strong with this friend!


JyLnC said...

I would have loved the chocolate. I don't know why she wasn't receptive?

The only thing I can think of is maybe she misunderstood and thought you were trying to buy your way out of an apology. Did you apologize before or after you offered her the chocolate?

If you and I ever have a falling out...chocolate would work for me. :>)

mholgate said...

Hey Kerri! Had a great time at coffee this morning. Thanks for meeting me!

Before I forget, I wanted to give you the blog address of the girl that is doing a group bible study on line. The book is called "Seeking Him: The Joy of Personal Revival." Her blog address is NOT Pasting! Ugh.

Go to my blog and click on Breath of Life and scroll down to the Let's Seek Him Together post if you're interested. She has a great blog. :)

Well, gotta go!