Friday, April 24, 2009

Gratitude Friday

Good morning, friends! Grab a big mug of hot Starbucks coffee and join me in Gratitude Friday. I will be doing most of the listening in our conversation today because I have a very non existent voice! I taught Kindergarten yesterday and between the full day of talking with kids & the allergy problem there's zero voice. I'll share on here, though, what I'm thankful for this week!

1. cousins coming to town! They actually arrive this weekend so we're scrambling around the house, making it guest ready. Jean and Geoff are from the Vancouver, BC area and we had so much fun the last time they were with us. I have wonderful memories with my cousins growing up! Glad they are visiting again so soon.

2. time off from teaching to walk the Beagle Boys. It's not my favorite thing to do, to have time off from work because it means no paycheck. But since I didn't have many jobs this week, I was able to take the dogs on very long walks, benefitting all of us. You can see pictures of our last walk if you scroll back a day or two! The weather has been so nice that it's been great to be outside.

3. stories in the Bible that remind me that everything is going to be okay! Getting older, I'm getting more in tuned with my body and that includes those dreaded monthly periods. I finally went to the dr about a month ago and I got checked out to see if I have fibroids because things have just been horrible for me each month. I started on a new medicine to help with the cycle and boy, has it messed with my system! I am starting to relate to the lady who bled for 12 years. If I just had faith to touch the hem of His garment! Time to make sure I spend time with the Great Physician, plus call the regular dr to see what we can do to make things go a tad bit smoother. Ever try to teach when you need the restroom about every hour?!

4. this morning, I'm thankful for my cup of coffee! It means I get to spend time with Company Girls, seeing what's new in their lives this week. It's also very frosty and foggy on this Friday so the coffee mug is warming up my hands.

5. the opportunity to go back to Whitworth University yesterday and share about my experiences as a guest (aka substitute) teacher! I think the neatest thing was to be able to remind them that teaching is our mission field, whether we get to share Jesus directly or not. But it's our actions and love that we show the kids which also shows Jesus' love. I reminded the soon to be graduates of the Evening Teaching Certification program that my motto is "If I give the best of me, that becomes my legacy!", no matter which class or school or school district I'm teaching in. I also shared that I pray for my students when I'm putting their chairs down or washing their tables off. It makes a world of difference to take Jesus into the classroom with me!

Time to get ready to teach Kindergarten again today! Remember, I have no voice so it should be quite interesting. Would you just say a prayer that the day goes smoothly? thanks!! be sure to leave your gratitude list so we can rejoice over your blessings, too.


One More Equals Four said...

Good luck with the kindergarteners and no voice. I taught K for 4 years, I can't imagine doing it voiceless! Teaching IS a mission field so keep it up!

I am thankful for the blessing of being home to teach my own little blessings! Home schooling is not always fun (this week it hasn't been) but I don't regret a single minute!

Dani said...

Kindergarten and no voice...yes, I will pray for you. :)

joyceandnorm said...

Love #5 on your list.

I remember teaching the Kindergarten class in VBS one year. Whew...a lot of work. Our VBS is actually a summer program, so it was 6 weeks long or something like that. My sister is a Kindergarten teacher, and I don't know how she deals with having to talk over the kids sometimes. They are fun though. =)

I hope you can recover your voice over the weekend.

Marisa said...

1. I'm thankful that I'm back to drinking coffee again. For awhile, due to the pregnancy, coffee tasted horrible. So although mine may be home-brewed and black (I do like it that way, but it's fun to have mocha's out)I'm grateful to be drinking it again.
2. I'm grateful to be reminded that teaching is a mission field. This has been a challenging week keeping students motivated, so that is a good reminder.
3. I'm grateful that the roads weren't TOO icy this morning, and I got to school safely, and I'm grateful for this moisture, even if it is wintery again!

Diane said...

Teaching with no voice...sometimes a whisper garners more attention than a shout, LOL. I felt the same way every year for the first month or so of AWANA - voice hoarse, ears ringing from the shrill little girl shrieks during game time...

Will pray for the "female" troubles - why does it seem that it gets worse before it finally goes away?

riotwife said...

Sounds like a fantastic & busy week you've had! I bet those kindergarteners keep you on your toes :)

The Farmer's Wife said...

I'm once again snowed in with a two preschoolers. I have a voice, but they aren't listening to it...

Here's my list!
1. Disney movies and the ability to play them. As long as we have electricity, that is!

2. A good pizza crust recipe, that I memorized. Now, no matter where I am, or what the circumstances, I can usually make pizza.

3. E-friends; who knew they were going to be so important in my life? Surprise blessings!

4. 100 lbs of laundry; another evidence of abundance in my life.

5. Kittens; when it gets to be too much, the kids and I go to the porch and love up the kittens. There's something de-stressing about snuggling kittens. I highly recommend it.

Wow! I just realized I got my Friday Gratitude list done on FRIDAY! Hope your day is great!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

What a beautiful list. Thank you for sharing! I am praying that Kindergarten goes well. Have a blessed weekend!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I am grateful for:
* Perennial plants that sprout up year after year.
*My brother who recently moved close to me.
*Grown children that still call me for advice...and not so grown children that still listen.
*A life group that prays for me.
*a husband that still tells me I am his prize!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

mholgate said...

I will pray for your voice to hold out. :) Maybe the kids will think it's a fun game to talk quietly!

What interesting weather we are having! I'm not sure my tulips know what to think!

Have a great weekend and rest that voice!

Reese said...

You are a sainted woman for hanging with those little ones. My grandfather's advice to young teachers,"Speak in a very quiet voice, and they will come close and listen. Yell, and they will ignore you." You are following his advice without meaning to.
I love your list.
Today I am so thankful that God has calmed my 4yo's heart!

Rachel Anne said...

I'm so sorry about your voice! I can't imagine trying to corral a class of kindergarteners with no voice! Good thing kids like hand motions!

Great Thankful list, as always. Whenever I pop over and see your list it makes me really stop and think of what I'm grateful for. It's sad how little I REALLY stop to list those things that are so important.

I'm thankful to have my "office" sorta back to normal. It is tucked away under the odd eaves of this house and it really makes me want to actually work, and write, and think. I feel very blessed indeed.

Countdown to your Texas trip has begun! :)

Mommahen said...

I'm thankful for:
* My three healthy boys (Even when they argue)
*My husband who pitches in at every opportunity
*The opportunity to be able to read His word
*The four pounds I've lost in three weeks
*Your sweet blog which reminds us that we have so much to be thankful for.

Hope your voice returns soon!

secondofwett said...

I do hope that you're able to get the help you need from the really can be annoying and tiring to have that going on non-stop.

Dawn said...

Oh Kerri - I just love your blog! You are always so upbeat, even when things aren't so great. Teaching with no voice - yikes! Hopefully you made it through alright. I'm so sorry about the female issue as well. I've been dealing with something similar myself this week. ugh. I will definitely say a prayer for you about that.

This week I am thankful for my growing boys, my wonderful hubby and amazing friends. I am also thankful for the soil under my nails and the promise of veggies growing in my garden. And strangely enough, I am thankful for these tough economical times, because they are forcing us to lean on God more and really listen to Him for guidance. And what He is revealing about a potential career future for me and the Hubby is interesting and exciting. :)

Thanks so much for coffee!

She's So There said...

Its just so good to see you today! I have had you on the brain off and on all week! I love four and five year olds, well, truthfully I love every age that is!
hugs hugs hugs!