Friday, April 3, 2009

Gratitude Friday

This week has been a different type of week. It was the 8th year of my multiple sclerosis diagnosis and I really felt the blunt of it this week. It was sad and I guess I had to have this time to mourn what I have lost. But I know have things to be grateful for because I am truly blessed! I've just had to really look for it because I don't think I felt like it. Grab a cup of coffee (new today -- Survivor Coffee by Cravens!) and tell me how you show you're grateful even when you don't feel like being grateful. I need help in this department!

Here's my list --

1. meeting a Spokane Company Girl for coffee and yummy banana bread! We talked and shared for a few hours. What a treat!!! And we both agree, we can't wait til there's a Company Girl get together -- we are SO there! Thanks, Melissa!!

Company Girls!

2. a daytime trip with David to warm & sunny Ellensburg and Yakima. It also included lunch with Jen at Olive Garden.

3. two very long walks with the Beagle Boys at Spokane's Riverside State Park and Ellensburg's Riverfront Park. The snifferdoodle noses were working overtime at both of these places.
snifferdoodles and the Spokane River
Yakima River

Ubu sitting so nicely!

4. an amazing lunch with Lisa V. at Riverpark Square today. Salad, fries and Pink Martinis -- "pink-tini!" It was a delightful afternoon of shopping at Godiva Chocolates, Nordstrom coffee bar and the cosmetic counter, lots of window shopping, laughter and great conversation. I need more days like this!

Pink-tinis in support of the Susan Komen Foundation!

5. Spring break and no responsibility of kiddos! It was time to rest and re-charge. Armed with my laptop, cell phone and good books, I was the Princess in bed for most of the weekend. 10 hours of sleep almost every day. It's just what I needed!

6. the sunshine when it came out. We had snow here a few times (did I mention that it was supposed to be SPRING BREAK?!) and when the sun came out, I was cheering big time.

Mr. York getting the car ready for us on Thursday morning!

7. I had two dr appts today and am thankful for having such caring drs! I'm headed on Sunday to participate in the MS Walk with the staff of the MS Center at Holy Family. I love these ladies!!


The Farmer's Wife said...

What a great week! I don't know anything about Company Coffee, so I'll have to research that a little. ANY get-together with coffee is a great idea, in my book...

Let's see, I'm grateful, today, for...

1. ...the fifteen minutes of quiet time this morning; rare, sweet and yes, caffienated.

2. ...the first healthy day for the whole family in a month!

3. ...funny friends that keep my perspective where it needs to be; off myself and on the Lord.

4. auntie's Scotcheroo recipe!

Joyce said...

I think listing things you are grateful for helps when you're not feeling grateful and that's what you've done.

Praise music always helps lift my spirits. And I have to blast it!

Reading and re-reading a few favorite scriptures that I find encouraging and have listed on a single sheet of paper stuck inside my bible for easy access also helps when I'm low.

I'll be praying for you this weekend. Good luck with the walk on Sunday!

mholgate said...

Hi Kerri! I'm thankful for our time together too! I really enjoyed getting together. Drop by any time! :)

I'm not doing coffee this weekend because I seemed to have gotten the flu. At least it's at the end of Spring break, not when I was at my in-laws.

I'm glad you had a restful week. Take care!


Rachel Anne said...

Those anniversaries of hard things can be tough. I forget that you have MS because you are always so upbeat, grateful and active on your blog. I think your attitude must be making a are very inspiring.

I am grateful that God is supplying our needs through "other" means than our business. An odd opportunity has come just at the right time.

Grateful for my kids.

So grateful for each day.

Mommahen said...

How do I show I'm grateful even when I don't feel like it? Gosh--I don't know if I do. Isn't that horrible? I have so much to be grateful for and when times get tough I get to pouting.

But there is a song by Dennis Jernigan that I love. It says: When the night surrounds me--all my dreams undone--I can hear you calling,"Come!" And I will come while you sing over me. When the night would hide my way, I will listen until I hear you say; "How I love you child! I love you! How I love you Child! I love you. How I love you."

Hearing that song reminds me that no matter how bad things are--God still desires me to come so He can sing over me. WOW! And that makes me grateful!

Thank you for the coffee.

Cathy said...

How wonderful you met with another CG. That must have been lots of fun.

I'm in awe of the pictures from your walk. How absolutely heavenly.
I would love to go walking with you! My chilren would love it too!

There is always something to be grateful for isn't there?

I'm grateful for...
1. My children
2. For the opportunity I have to be at home with them.
3. God's provision in all things!
4. For Godly friends who will pray with and for me.
5. For opportunity to make new friends.

Have a great weekend!
Lydia Cate

joyceandnorm said...

What a fantastic list! How fun to lunch with Melissa. And that sounded like a great spring break. I hope you got the refreshment that you needed. Good luck with the walk. I can't wait to be more mobile again. I'd love to participate in something like that. Have a fantastic day!