Saturday, April 4, 2009

New recipes for the kitchen?

I was reading a book by Kristin Hannah this morning while sipping my coffee and laying in bed. One of the characters in the story said she had HUNDREDS of recipes in her recipe box, begging to be tried on someone. That got me thinking about my own cooking....and it's pretty non-existent these days. Mr. York was doing a commissary run this morning so I could quickly make a list of things we needed. Mary's Scotcheroos ingredients are on the list! However, the list didn't look very promising as I couldn't come up with even a few days' worth of meal ideas.

What great recipes do you have that you can share with me? I'm in a major slump, esp wanting to lose 15 pounds. Sometimes it's just easier to not eat. I know, not healthy at all. Please share your menus, recipes for healthy dishes and something that includes chocolate!

You can help get me out of the slump~


Joyce said...

I find we eat out more because sometimes that's easier than cooking for 2. And my husband travels alot so I have to make myself eat a healthy dinner when he's away. One thing I like to make (and this isn't a recipe, just a quickie good meal) is my version of a cobb salad. I lay it out on a plate in sections...lettuce, chopped tomato, diced cucumber, chopped hard boiled egg, crumbled bacon, chopped broiled chicken and sliced avocado. It's delicious and filling-feels like a meal but is healthy and not fattening. I don't mind broiling a chicken breast and I try to keep hard boiled eggs in the frig. Bacon I do in the microwave so it's quick. My husband likes it too.

Let me know if you try any new recipes that you love. Oh, for chocolate...keep a bag of peanut m and m's in a drawer : ) That's my tip! I have loads of chocolate recipes-bit of an addiction. Do you have the cake in a mug recipe because it's awesome and dangerous : )

TraciG said...

Kerri: I'm including a link to a page that has all kinds of recipes for two people. My gram gets me a subscription to Taste of Home every year, and Cooking for Two is a companion magazine. I find that internet recipes are the ticket. Anyway, it looks like a great site and like you can find anything you want under the headings. It might be worth a try!