Friday, April 17, 2009

Gratitude Friday

It's quick coffee time today as I'm teaching 3rd grade and having a dorky hair moment right before I head out the door! Today's coffee is Starbuck's Pike Place Roast....absolutely wonderful. Grab a cup and enjoy. If I have to leave before you're done, just put the cup in the sink, say goodbye to the Beagle Boys and shut the door as you leave! :)

Here's my list for the week. What's on your gratitude list?

1. Zyrtec! I am troubled by tree pollen and for the next three weeks, Zyrtec is my best friend. I haven't been sick since last September and I'm grumpy about having a stuffy nose & sore throat today. However, Zyrtec really helps with the problem and makes life bearable. (maybe more for others around me!)

2. beautiful sunshine! After the snow this week, it is wonderful to have the sun back with its warmth. It was funny to see my daffodils peeking through the snow on Tuesday.

3. Third graders who keep me on my toes! Do I know ANYTHING about surface tension? Nope. I came home last night and did research on surface tension with plain water, salty water and soapy water. I think I might be smarter than a third grader today!

4. The ability to race this Sunday and raise money to help find a cure for breast cancer. I have a 5K race that I'm going to try to get a personal best in! Tonight is the packet pickup and the small expo with it. Always fun to browse because there's so many things pertaining just to us girls and be pampered, too.

5. Bible Study Fellowship. We're studying about Moses. It really makes me think! Plus, if I don't do my homework, I don't get to talk in class. This past Monday I was quiet for the entire lesson!! (This week I'll be sure to get it all comleted!)

And that's all, folks! Have a wonderful weekend. Be blessed!


Diane said...

LOL at BSF not allowing you to talk unless the homework is done - a perfect way to make sure the discussion sticks to what Scripture actually says! And truly, we discover so much more by doing the work ourselves, especially with a view to sharing what we learn.

Hope the race goes well for you, and raises lots and lots of funds for research.

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

Good luck at your race! My hubby is a triathlete, so I have wandered many expos with him. Sounds like you've got a great weekend planned!

Marisa said...

I love your gratitude Fridays. It's a great idea, thank you! This week I am grateful that I did not get the flu (and hopeful I still don't). Can you believe 9 of the 16 people at my house for Easter got it, and i slipped by? My husband even had it, and 3 of those who didn't get it had already had it.
I'm grateful that my mom is going to Billings with me to do some shopping this weekend, too.

mholgate said...

That snow was something else, wasn't it? Crazy!

I posted my thankful list on Tuesday. God is so good! I am in a season where even on my bad days, I can feel Him by my side encouraging me.

Have a great race!

Rachel Anne said...

I'm still so impressed by the 5k run, girl! I MIGHT be able to walk it, but running? Ooooh, the knees.

I'm personally thankful for Claritin, and Claritin D when allergies really get bad.

I'm grateful for a day of rest and rain today! The gloomier the better (my upbringing is showing) for me, esp. if I can stay inside and read or blog!

joyceandnorm said...

Love the list!!! It's great. Good luck with the race on Sunday. I keep telling Norm to get something for his seasonal allergies, but he never does.

She's So There said...

and on my gratitude list? YOU! I so enjoy reading your posts!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Fleet feet! I'm so proud of your efforts and hope someday to join you in a walk/run!

And AMEN to the sunshine!

I always end up doing Gratitude Saturdays, so here goes:

1. Mothers who drive daughters crazy, but love them like no-one else will ever love them.

2. Thrift stores! I feel like I'm really shopping, haul out 3 bags of really useful "stuff" and it only cost me $21.00. Like magic...

3. A kind community. I am completely secure, because for a 100 mile radius, there are people who will help and take care of me, if something goes wrong.

4. A cozy little home. Filled with love, laughter and insulated by dog hair and books.

5. New garden gloves. Every year, I end up buying a new pair, and it makes me feel so rich.

secondofwett said...

Do well on your race....I'm afraid my running days are over but it's nice to hear about people doing such things for a worthy cause!

L2L said...

Yeah for 5Ks and yeah for having such a heart to help others!!!! Athough I think teaching 3rd graders should include hazard pay, lol. Thanks for the coffee I'll try to come by on friday this week, lol