Sunday, March 22, 2009

This and that

It's late Sunday afternoon and I'm back from the gym, after a strong endurance 12 mile bike ride! Whew, I should be in the shower but since you can't *smell* me, I can write before I get changed into fresh clothes! :)

1. The weather today has been drippy. Not complaining because God's watering the grass for us and melting the rest of the snow. I guess I would just like some sunshine, too!! If you color me a picture of spring, just know that the color grey is not my favorite color.

2. I went grocery shopping today. Whew, prices sure have gone up, even when shopping at the commissary!! I'm trying to think if I snuck anything into the basket that was chocolate or yummy. Perhaps the chocolate whipped cream and the angel food cake were the only "bad" things I bought. Everything else was on the list and pretty healthy. One thing I was looking for was millet for a new banana muffin recipe. What is millet? I was thinking it was a cereal or grain. Hmmm...ideas on where to find it besides at the health food type of store? (In Spokane, that'd be Huckleberries or Fred Meyers.) I've got my menu plan done for the next week so I'll see if I can remember to post it tomorrow.

3. Ian goes back to San Francisco for college tomorrow. We're taking him out tonight for Indian food. I'd much rather go to Taste of India than out for sushi. Bleck on raw fish! It's been nice having him home, although we haven't seen much of him. His buddies from high school are home, too, so they've all been hanging out together!

4. Girl Scout cookies are in! YUMMMMMM! I bought two types for the Easter baskets -- thin mints and samoas -- Ian gets to take his cookies with him tomorrow. I bet they don't last through Tuesday! I bought Trefoils for myself. They melt in your mouth when you eat them in bed while reading. Don't chew them, just let them sit in your mouth. They're the best! Bet you didn't know that! (or you can dip them in hot chocolate...they're great that way, too.)

5. I think I need to go back to the gym after even thinking about eating tonight at the restaurant and if I touch more than 2 cookies. Why is it so easy to gain and so doggone hard to lose, even when you eat in moderation and try your best to exercise those extra pounds off?

6. Mr. York raked the back yard this afternoon. It looks so nice. No more land mines from the dogs! I'm ready to plant some things. Hmm, wonder what I could do that the Beagle Boys wouldn't destroy? Mary, I want to do Sweet Peas!! I love the smell and the colors of those sweet flowers. Do you have a special spot at your house for them to climb? I'd share seeds with you!

7. This week is a full week of teaching sweet kindergartners. I have two girlfriends who both teach half time, at two different schools. One is in the morning and the other is in the afternoon. I'm starting up north at Holly's and then zipping southwest to Robin's right at noon. I've got to remember to pack my lunch so I can eat in the car and have time to rejuveniate before the kiddos arrive at 12:45.

Ok, I've rambled enough for tonight. It's time to change and get ready to go out to dinner with the York boys. Have a great rest of your weekend, wherever you are. Know that you are loved!


The Farmer's Wife said...

Whew! What a post! Like 10 in 1.
Sounds like such a busy weekend, but so much fun. Except for the dog bombs...I have to get out in our yard and deal with those, too. I wish there was a good faery that could bibbidi-bobbidi-boo those.

You are going to have SUCH fun with Kindergarten! And be so frazzled at night!

mholgate said...

I resisted the Girl Scout cookies on Saturday while shopping. I love them...sold them for 11 years as a Girl Scout myself in fact. Just couldn't bring myself to spend so much money on them this year. We are penny pinching our grocery budget as it is. I'm counting on my mom to freeze a box for me though and bring it to me when she visits. :)

Just passing time this morning since it's conference week and my kindergartener gets out at 10:30am. I have a hard time getting into any serious housework until we get home on these days.

RL is better. It was just a 24 hour bug. So glad!

We really should get together for coffee soon. :)


pam said...

Look on the bright side at least the rain will clean things up and get the grass growing.

Enjoy those cookies:)