Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sunny Thursday morning~

I'm sitting in my dining area this morning, looking at the bright sunshine that's reflecting off of the snow in the backyard. It's pretty! I'd been excited about seeing the yard again, though. Spring is just 8 days away, according to my calendar! MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR!!!

I will post some pictures when I get home from teaching today. Lots to share~ you'll love the Disney pictures!

I think the neatest thing about being in Orlando wasn't just seeing the girls and doing the Princess Half Marathon or enjoying the beautiful sunshine and warmth or laughing all the time. (all very imporant things by the way and I know I was blessed!) The neatest thing was seeing my chaplain friend Charlie and soaking in his words of wisdom in the short time we had together as he drove me to the airport. Ever hear the verse "Be still and know I am God" ? Charlie reminded me of this verse and I said "I can't do it...I can't be still." He replied, "You can but you won't because you are scared of what might happen!" Wow, what do you think?! Any words of wisdom from you?


pam said...

We had snow overnight. It does look pretty with the sun reflecting off, but I am ready for spring:)

Joyce said...

I think being still is something we have to get used to and practice. I'm just beginning the empty nest stage and the opportunity for stillness and quiet is all around. I really notice it now. I'm trying to be still more. It feels new. When the kids were young and life was busier I found it hard to quiet my head. I'm enjoying time to think and also to listen more intently to what God wants to say.

Glad your trip was great! How can Disney be anything else? I love it!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Can't wait for the photos!

Be still. I love what your friend said about being scared of stillness, yet it explains why God speaks most strongly to me when I'm driving across the endless Montana prairies, with no one to talk to but Him! Still doesn't mean comatose, right? I can empathise with you on how difficult it can be to attain that stillness of spirit. Sometimes, not even the fish at our house seems serene!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

You've already received my response in my email, but here's the bulk of it again for your readers:

We are a busy people, trying to manage and manipulate our outcomes in all kinds of directions. I think what God means when he tells us to be to be still long enough to realize that no matter our best efforts at managing our world, they will be never be enough to bring about the peace that we desire. God, alone, reserves that right.

Thus, to be still is to receive God's peace. It doesn't mean to be sit still and do nothing, it simply means to be still long enough to realize that there are bigger forces at work in a situation that exceeds our human understanding or desire to "have it all make sense."

And sometimes, owning that realization is a very scary concept. It means we have to give up control to Another.

But that Other? So worthy of the hold, my friend.


Cindy said...

Sometimes it is hard to be still because I think God needs my help. He doesn't. I am beginning to be able to be still and just let Him guide me without me trying to help things along.

Glad you had a good time and made it back safely