Thursday, March 26, 2009

New music and something to listen it with!

I have decided to upgrade my music equipment for working out! I need help getting some upbeat music for walking/running/biking. What's on your playlist that's exciting and got a great beat?!

Of course, then there's the question of what to buy to listen to it with! An Ipod classic, a nano, a shuffle? what's your preference?


Joyce said...

Love it when David Crowder pops up on my ipod when I'm running or working out. His song Undignified makes me feel like I could run a marathon. (not planning to but the song is definitely motivating).

My husband surprised me with a new ipod for Christmas. I love it.

The Farmer's Wife said...

This is so 1980's, but I like some Glory Days, by Bruce Springsteen, because it makes me smile, and some John Cougar Mellencamp. They have good guitars and the beats seem to match my beat.

My problem with music on the pod and working out is that I always want to sing! Which shortens my breath, and at the end of Glory Days, I feel like passing out...not cool.

Anonymous said...

Love my shuffle!

Anonymous said...

I have an ipod nano, second generation. They keep changing the shape of the nano. Mine is the slender shape that looks like a Bic lighter. I like Family Affair by Mary Jo Blige.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I have an ipod "something"...not sure. Not the shuffle, but a step above. It's crammed with all sorts of praise music, Travis Cottrell, Chris Tomlin, Jeremy Camp, MWSmith, and my latest find...Meredith Andrews. Love her.

The music makes my runs so much more enjoyable, if that's possible.


TraciG said...

I think the Nano is the way to go... we bought our daughter a shuffle, and she doesn't like the fact she can't see what she's listening to as there is no LED readout.
As far as music: if you like Christian stuff that's upbeat to walk to, I usually buy the X collection of Christian music that's put out annually. It has more of the "rock-y" stuff and some can be a little hard, but IMO it's great to walk to. One group I like in particular is Sanctus Real. Let me know what genre you like within Christian music and I can probably help you out. I'm a bit of a music junky and have found in the last couple of years that I just need the Christian lyrics to go along with the music. Thankfully it has developed so much, there's just about something for everyone's musical tastes.
I'd be lost without my MP3 player which is a Sansa (not Apple compatible). I get a little irritated with the whole Ipod thing since I can't get any of the music from Itunes to load on my non-ipod. It's a gimic to get you to buy one. I may have to break down and get one. I've earned enough rewards on my visa that I can get a Nano for nothing. Well, that's my diatribe on workout music and their devices. Sorry so long!!

Stampmouse said...

I have a larger ipod I forget what size but a classic It holds all the music we have in the house and plenty more room. we have gone to putting every cd we own on the computer and tossed all the cd cases they came in (wished I would have saved them now) and we have the originals in a binder like book. so I guess it depends on how much you want to put on it. They are also good if you like doing books on tape (rent from library and upload to ipod) but you will need plenty of room for that.