Friday, March 27, 2009

Gratitude Friday

Good morning to you! After sleeping 10 hours last night, it truly is a gratitude Friday of YAHOOO, it's FRIDAY and it's SPRING BREAK NEXT WEEK!! :)

Grab a big mug this morning. You can have coffee, tea or whatever else your heart desires! Today I'm asking you sit down with me and share your gratitude list! After you've read my list, I'd love a word of encouragement from you, too, for my journal I've kept about my MS journey. Here's my gratitude list for today:

1. for a wonderful dr 8 years ago who saw through all of my physical pain and made the decision to have an MRI done of my brain. Today is my 8th anniversary of the MS diagnosis and I'm going pretty strong! There are days that I take it easy but if you have read anything on this blog, you'll know I'm very active and don't let the dust settle on me much. To learn more about MS, visit the National MS Society's web site and Copaxone's web site (the daily shot I take!) You'll learn lots about this horrid disease! You can always ask me questions, too.

2. for the beautiful sunshine! Yesterday being out on the playground was amazing. I didn't even have to wear a coat and got to pull out the sunglasses!

3. for Mr. York! He was wearing a heart monitor for a few days to check out to see what his heart's doing and why he's having problems breathing. He also had a job interview and test for a position with the WA State Patrol. I think this job would be perfect for him and give a better sense of belonging (if that's the right word to use). He goes on Thursday for another big test for the job! We'll find out in a few weeks about his heart! (and believe me, I made sure his heart got a great workout....smiling!)

4. for a very full week of teaching. The kids have amazed me all week, made my heart sing with excitement each and every day. You know I got tired and I think I'm recharged now for today. I bet Starbucks can help me out this morning a little bit to make sure I'm recharged!

5. for this verse: "Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face daily" Psalm 105:4 Exactly what I needed to read this morning!

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!! Thanks for your latte comments~


Jo said...

Well done on making it through the last eight years since your diagnosis! That's great that you're still doing well. And hooray for it finally being warm enough to not always need a coat. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes,

Janet said...

I'm thankful you've had such a great week. Have fun taking pictures with the kids. I hope you "capture" lots of fun things.

I'm going to memorize that verse! Thanks for leading me to it and for encouraging me.

Marisa said...

1. I'm filled with Gratitude for God's greatness
2. for my awesome husband
3. My family
4. my pregnancy
5. my job, even though I get frustrated!
6. that I live where I do
7. great friends in my life, including you!
That I got reminded of all these things because of your blog, thank you.

Diane said...

So wonderful to share gratitude with one another!

1. For a God who is my Rock, my Shield, my Defender, my Provider, my all in all.
2. For sisters in Christ who encourage, challenge, admonish and love me.
3. For early spring flower growth and late season snowstorms.
4. For Starbucks' grande skinny hazelnut lattes and a friend to share it with.

Rachel Anne said...

Well! I have a GREAT story to share, and I have to thank you for making it possible!

But it's too good to share in a comment...I'll have to make a whole entire post about it. You'll have to wait until next week :)

But THANK YOU!!!! :)

I am thankful for a "workless" week that has enabled me to get some things done around the house!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Gratitude Friday! Woohoo! (or something like that...)

Glad you got some sleep and that spring is in your neck of the woods...that's encouraging!

Here's my gratitude list:

1. Kafe Utza coffee...I made it to Miles City, and had a triple shot Madagasgar Vanilla breve. It was heaven.

2. Precious little packets of seeds that promise a garden of flowers and veggies.

3. Hymned Again, an album by Bart Millard that covers a bunch of great old hymns in a fresh way.

4. Wonderful grocery stores that have all we need and you even comprehend our choices? We have so much good food!

5. My Mom. She's such a dear person, even though no one can make me so crazy. No one ever loves you like your mama loves you!

mholgate said...

I am so happy to know you Kerri! You are such a positive person and it really wears off on me. :)

Have a great Spring Break! We're headed to Walla Walla for a few days to visit my in-laws. It will be a nice to get out of the house.


The Beckham 5 said...

Hey Kerri,
I have a friend here in St Helens that is newly diagnosed with MS..she's in her 20's. Anyway, I thought I'd pass your blog link along to her if you dont mind.
Maybe it'll be a great source of encouragement for her.
Thanks...enjoying your blog!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you don't let the disease hold you down. As a kid in school I remember that (because I was a bookworm) I always participated in the MS readathon to raise money. At the time I didn't know what it was really for, but I hope that whatever what raised, and is being raised is helping the cause. Take care, and God bless.

Kara said...

Sorry I'm reading Company Girls a little late this week!!

Let's see, I'm grateful for...

1) The smell of spring
2) Being able to open the windows
3) My puppies
4) That Dave and I are building a new house...

I could go on and on I think...I'm in a grateful mood. But thanks for your post!