Saturday, March 21, 2009

Race for the Cure -- April 19th

I just signed up to participate in the Susan Komen's Race for the Cure event! It's happening in Spokane on April 19th and my fundraising goal is $500. After having one scare of having a breast lump removed (it wasn't cancerous, thank goodness!) and carefully watching another lump at the present moment, I'm committed to help find a cure for breast cancer! I also have a few girlfriends who have experienced a battle or two with breast cancer. The funds I raise will help out all of us. Will you help me meet my goal of $500 this year?

Here's my home page for the Race for the Cure where you can enter your donation information online. (

Thank you so much for your support! If you can't give financially, I'd honor your prayers and words of encouragement just as much!!!


pam said...

Good luck, you will do great!

TraciG said...

I appreciate your efforts on behalf of breast cancer on a personal level. I was diagnosed with stage II cancer at the age of 35. I had a lumpectomy and then found out I was pregnant. We chose to forego chemo, but I did complete radiation during my 2nd trimester. SCARY. God had his hand on us the whole time and you've seen beautiful Allison on my blog. Regardless, BC is a tough thing to get through and it would be wonderful to see a cure in our life time!!
May God bless your efforts!!