Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday night's activities

What is Sunday night like at your house? For me, it's figure out what to wear for the teaching job tomorrow, pack a lunch, try to finish at least ONE thing off the "to do" list before going to bed (I still have the corner of the spare room to clean out and nothing else has gotten completed!), make sure I have socks for tomorrow (big deal at this house...lots of mismatched, none paired!) and see what the rest of the week holds! I've got to finish my application for working at the Union Gospel Mission Camp this summer since I'm meeting with Denny on Thursday (my only day of not teaching). I've put it off and I decided that David can take it into work with him tomorrow.

I'm thankful I was able to be extra lazy this morning (we went to church last night) because by 1 pm, I was in full swing! I zipped down to the Mission for their open house, bought items for our themed dinner table on Tuesday night (this involved trips to Walmart, Dollar store and 50% off card shop!) and I was finally home at 5. Now I'm sleepy since we had Chicken Alfredo (courtesy of Costco) and I know that I still have that list. Could I cross off at least one thing tonight? We'll see!!

Happy Sunday night, everyone!

(ps after an hour, I've scratched off TWO things on my list: cleaned out the spare room corner and wrote a guest teacher note to the Kindergarten teacher, telling her how my two days went in her classroom! I'm on a roll so I think I will do a few more things AND rubberstamp two b'day cards before bed.) Hey, while cleaning out, I found a brand new pair of black socks...guess what my color scheme is going to be tomorrow!


Joyce said...

Hi-I clicked onto your blog from Wash Fold Repeat's blog. I'm also new at the empty nesting thing. And the blogging thing : ) My background is in teaching but I've been 'temporarily retired' the last 5 years while we've been living overseas.

I enjoyed reading your blog...I realize that I have clicked on here once before as I'm doing the recipe sharing on Kim and her coffee blog. Your baked potato soup sounds good.

Happy Monday...Joyce

mholgate said...

Hi Kerri! Have a great week! Thanks for the encouraging note on facebook. I am trying to have a positive attitude even with this cold that is getting me down. I will be using my timer today to keep me going. 15/15/15/break for 15 works well for me when I'm sick or overwhelmed. That way I get 15 minutes in three rooms and I'm also taking some time for myself.

Funny, we're almost to the end of another Siesta memory verse time and the Lord seems to have already given me my next passage to memorize. Isaiah 12:1-3 Dealing with trust, again. Do you think He's trying to teach me something?

Blessings, Melissa

MyJourneyBack said...

What a fun upbeat post. I hope you had a good day today. Sounds like your having such fun working with the "short people". I didn't see any photo's though. Whats this about measuring shoes with cubes? I miss our Sunday nights when our kids were at home we would have Smorgasbord. We would all cook together in the kitchen and make like munchie kind of things whatever we could pull together. Fried wontons filled with whatever we could find. It was all made from scratch sort of. I miss those fun times. Thanks for bringing that memory to my mind. Have a great week.