Friday, February 13, 2009

Gratitude Friday

Coffee's on, everyone~ Grab a cup and a piece of Ghiradelli chocolate!
Here's my Gratitude Friday list!
1. another great haircut! (see the picture below!)
2. me.....I am wonderfully made!
3. God's love that protects me when I think I have the better plan!
4. His beauty all around us! I can't wait to be on the western side of WA today to see green!
5. my foot -- it's not fractured!

What's on your gratitude list today?


One More Equals Four said...

Waht a great list and a good idea to take time out to think about what you are thankful for...I need to do this more often! It is great that you KNOW you are wonderfully made, this is something I know in my head, but it is sometimes hard to really believ in my heart! Have a great Valentines weekend!

The Farmer's Wife said...

My gratitude list!

1. That my kids are morning people, just like me. But NOT like their Daddy, poor guy...

2. The fresh pinapple sitting in front of me. What riches!

3. 4WD on the fly. I'm going to hunt down the inventor of THAT when I get to Heaven and hug 'em.

4. My Beth Moore "Living Beyond Yourself" study. I've been growing and growing as a result of grinding my way through it!

5. My bookclub girls...they are smart, funny, honest women that keep me sane by meeting once a month with indescribable food and hugs, under the guise of discussing a book.

If you get a chance to come to Montana, Kerri, we will welcome you with open arms and the Redneck Guesthouse! (A fifth wheel camper in the yard...)And take you to Kafe Utza; coffee that will make you cry, it's so good.

Kerri said...

How funny that you would say about believing it in your heart! I was just telling my hairstylist that same thing yesterday...I know in my head, but it's believing it in my heart that gets in the way of trusting. Glad you stopped by to visit...I have my Gratitude List up each Friday, along with a fresh cup of coffee for everyone!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

Cute hair!! I need a cut but won't go until I know what I want!

I'm grateful today for the rain - we have been in a drought for 3 years and the farmers are struggling.

Kara said...

Hmmm I am grateful for

1) a wonderful husband who loves me even when I cry

2) semi-long fingernails (I normally bite them)

3) a space heater in my office so I don't freeze

4) my salvation, of course :)

Anonymous said...

Great Haircut and great news about your injury.

Dani said...

My list:
1. My sweet hubby who treats me so wonderfully
2. My babies
3. My salvation
4. My church and friends
5. A computer to blog on :)

Anonymous said...

Glad your foot is okay. Great list!!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

The haircut is darling! It really brings out your eyes. And glad to hear the good news about your foot.

Ok... I'll take that Ghiradelli chocolate and cup of coffee now. Enjoy your weekend.

Rachel Anne said...

It's funny, I found a half eaten Ghiardelli chocolate bar in the arm rest thingy in our truck. Who knows how long it had been there, but I ate it anyway and it was fabulous.

Haircut is darling. I'd be thankful for that, too. I'm not quite ready to go SHORT short, but almost.....

Yay for the foot!


1. A surprise, unexpected gift from someone I didn't know (never happened to me before!)

2. A sweet son...I thought 15 year olds were supposed to be sullen and confused. He is neither.

3. Married me a great guy. And he DID buy me a Val. card, I know bcs I saw him do it.

4. 2 red=headed daughters, so very precious to me.

Boy, once you get started on a thankful list, it's hard to stop, but that will do for now.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love your haircut and your gratitude list! So awesome. Happy Valentine's Day!!!!