Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Had a great day...."

Singing my song to the tune of "Bad Day"..... because I had a great day!

No fracture in the foot. The dr thinks it's tendonitis. The first xray showed the big toe with a possible fracture but that's not where it hurts at all. More x rays today! When someone tweaks with the big toe and moves it all around, it causes pain to the area where it has been hurting. Hmm, very interesting. So, we're trying custom made orthotics and it should help the problem. Dr says I can do the half marathon, Lisa says not so quick or I might really end up injured. Guess I'm still on the cheer squad team.

I bought new hiking socks at REI today and dreamed about having enough money to not have to worry about spending money there. Two pairs of socks made me happy.

So did a grande vanilla non fat latte from Starbucks while I talked with another good friend about this and that. It was great to get caught up on their life!

I also got out to take a picture of the beautiful Spokane Falls. I'll see if I can get it loaded so you can see it!

Tomorrow morning I'm out the door early to get to my mom's in Hansville (very tip of the Kitsap Peninsula in WA State!) Spending the night there and then zipping across the Hood Canal Bridge to spend two nights at Lake Crescent on the Olympic Peninsula. (If I went much farther west, I'd be at the Pacific Ocean!) I'm attending an Olympic Park Institute program on "Ecosystems of the Olympic National Park." Wait til you see all of the amazing pictures I'll come back'll be green and absolutely beautiful!!! I'm thankful I can get away til Monday afternoon & spend time learning about science! I'm also grateful for not having a fractured foot so I can go hiking in moderation this weekend, too!

I'll post from my mom's -- please pray for safe travels!

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The Farmer's Wife said...

Oh, you blessed woman, getting to spend some time in the green, growing West! Can't wait to see the pictures.