Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Results on Tuesday

Hello! thanks for praying for me tonight! I ended up just having a "Scarecrow" scan, as my hubby so lovingly puts it -- you know "If I only had a brain!" from "Wizard of Oz" -- seems the other part of the tests didn't get ordered this time. It only took an hour to do the scan. I will find out my results when I go to the MS dr next Tuesday.

I love being able to tell my students that "yes, I have a brain!" I have it checked yearly and it's there...I have proof! :)

I thought about lots while in the MRI machine. Fell asleep for a little bit, too. But mostly thought -- I'd shared with a few friends today about how different our thoughts might be if a machine like this could read our thoughts instead of only scan our images inside of us. How different would we think if our thoughts were projected on a screen for others to see? WOW! I'm really going to make my thoughts be of Phil 4:8 -- whatever is lovely, whatever is pure, etc....

What do you think about these days?


Joyce said...

Loved this was a gentle reminder of where our thoughts should be.

The Farmer's Wife said...

So glad it went well, dear! You have been in my prayers, but I haven't had a chance to get to the keyboard to let you know.

Relief to know you have a brain, but it doesn't take the Wiz to know you have a great heart!

I'm ready for spring, too. We have two babies with strep right now, so I'll be laying low for another couple days. Ready to buy a bunch of tulips to put in the middle of the table...

Love and hugs from the Farmer's Wife!