Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Time to Decorate?

Everyone else has been busy decorating and I have yet to put anything out!! The two snifferdoodles (aka beagle puppies Ubu and Dieter) and the terrorist kitten (aka Klaus) are the busiest little guys ever and I don't think much would be safe this year! However, I have seen some cute decorations when I've been at some of my guest teaching schools. I saw one yesterday that I loved so I am going to try to re-create it -- a big glass/plastic jar with a red ribbon tied at the mouth of the jar. Inside: everything green, red, white and gold....buttons of all shapes and sizes, jingle bells, etc. I'm going to have to look at it again to see what else was in it and sneak a picture, too, to post. It was so simple and very me! It'll go perfect on top of the piano~ safe!

ps I think I will search through Grandma Zimmer's button boxes; I'm sure there's Christmasy ones! I love going through those boxes --what a fun way to remember her during this Christmas season!

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samantha said...

Nice Christmas decoration. Very creative and so simple.