Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gratitude Friday List...

on Saturday. I didn't have a very gratitude attitude last night. In fact, I still don't but I'm thankful for friends who come alongside me and love me right where I'm at!

1. Friends who are available for a big cup of coffee during the busy season
2. Friends who send notes of encouragement
3. Friends who love me through thick and thin times
4. Friends who will take time for a walk in the freshly fallen snow or whatever season it is!
5. Friends who pray for me
6. Friends whom I'm glad to call my friend! (that one brought a smile to my face!)

I'll work on the gratitude attitude!!


The Farmer's Wife said...

I absolutely love your blog! After reading your gratitude list, I was so encouraged. I believe it's time for me to make one of those lists myself.
I found your comment on my blog and was so intrigued as to who would follow the Cohagen Chronicles. Checked out your profile and thought you were a girl after my own heart! Coffee runs through your veins, too, and you love the Lord.
Thanks for the inspiration, and I'll be reading your blog often!

benjyjen said...

I love your honest post today, Kerri! You are acknowledging gratitude even when it is a struggle for you. Thanks for that encouragement - to do it even when we are "not feelin' it!" I have been stuck lately and feel that my list is all the same few things. Be blessed friend. Take good care of YOU...