Friday, June 26, 2009

Gratitude Friday (on Saturday)

Good morning! I'm back from my first week of was intense training on the challenge course. I think I am one big bruise/sore muscle! I'm learning lots, both about how to minister to the kids I'm working with and lots about myself. Amazing that at 45, I'm still figuring out me.

Here's my list this week~
1. cooler weather. It was hot at camp and I was thankful for the cooler mornings when I'd go for walks/runs. However, I have the start of a great tan!
2. the beauty of the camp. I sit on the deck of the lodge, with my coffee cup, looking at the stillness of the surrounding area. Yesterday I saw an osprey swoop down into the river to grab a fish & take it back up to its nest. HOW MAJESTIC!!
3. reminders of God's love everywhere. The team I'm with is amazing! Out of 18 team members, I'm the mom of the group. But they accept me with open arms and they're such a testimony of His love. We're learning lots together and I'm proud to be a part of Camp Tshimikain.
4. my own bed! Last night I think I fell into a "lack of sleep" coma. I don't remember my head hitting the pillow.
5. a super reliable car. We're headed to Seattle this morning for a half marathon. My car is such a great little car, with A/C. Now that we have a new transmission (in Feb), it has zero problems & it'll be perfect for parking in those tight little places.

Have a wonderful weekend~ coffee is always ready, plus adding unsweetened iced tea to the fridge, too. I miss my girlfriends~ esp. since I don't get email or cell phone coverage all week! (I had LOTS to catch up with -- 257 emails, FACEBOOK, laundry, playing with the puppies and kitties!)

Drop me a note...I'd love to hear from you! Headed back to camp in Monday morning~


Rachel Anne said...

Wow! I can't believe you're doing camp again. I guess I missed the previous posts while I've been in my own coma of sorts. (work coma). Are you going to be doing it all summer?? You have more stamina in your little finger than I do in my whole bod.

I would love to sit on a dock in the beautiful NW and experience the stillness. I remember Wildcat Lake...a favorite place to go...and chuch camp there. Gorgeous!

One More Equals Four said...

Sounds fun, well not the bruises, etc. but the courses! and the seclusion! Have a great week!

secondofwett said...

257 emails!!!!! are popular!
I'm afraid any enthisiasm that I had for camp I lost many, many years ago...but it's great that there are still people like you willing to do it!

joyceandnorm said...

Internet was down so I'm with you in trying to catch up on emails and FB too. =p It was just starting to warm up over here this past week, but hard to get both kids out and ready to go before peak hours. I always put on sunblock, but hate the stickiness of it, esp when mixed w/ sweaty kids. Have fun!

mholgate said...

Oh I'm so glad that camp is going well. :) Take lots of beautiful pictures and post them ok?

It's an easy summer for us. Camp at the end of July for the kids and then I'm headed to Whidbey with the kids in August. Other than that, we're hanging out close to home.

Have a great week!

mholgate said...

Kerri, I'd love to get together with you. So far I don't have anything on the calendar for next Friday. Drop me an e-mail or give me a call.

MyJourneyBack said...

Praying for you and your camp ministry. Have a great weekend break.