Friday, June 19, 2009

Gratitude Friday

Good morning! Grab a big cup of New Guinea coffee and enjoy the chaos with me. At the moment I have five dogs (three beagles, one border collie and one chow mix), four cats (two kittens, one young cat and one old cat), two adult kids and the one & only husband at my house! When the house is only 900 sq feet on the main floor, it's definite chaos when the four legged kids start running through the house! What a time of laughter, though!!

Here's my Gratitude Friday list:

1. strength to do pilates and circuit training! I might be sore tomorrow, but I did the classes this morning and made it through the entire hour & a half. Whew~ these last few pounds have been hanging on so I wanted to up the workouts. Tomorrow I'm doing a fun run, next week is the Seattle RNR Half Marathon.

2. my friend Polly! She and I met this morning for coffee at Rogue. She surprised me with a little birthday gift of a coffee journal and gel pens for writing about my summer adventures.

3. the rain! I don't have to water the lawns today.

4.! I have been able to purchase some amazing teacher types of books for dirt cheap, thanks to When David lived in Germany, I was able to purchase DVDs and music for 75 cents, plus shipping. Check it out yourself!

5. little towns! I've applied for a 5th grade teaching job in the rural community of Tekoa,


The school is cuter than a bug's ear and only has about 100 kids enrolled in its elementary school. David and I are going down to the town tomorrow for the fun run because I truly believe in getting involved in the community where you work. I feel really good about this job and I'd love it if you'd join me in prayer about my application finding favor in whomever reads it & interviews me.

Tekoa Elementary School

This Monday I leave for camp so I won't be updating the blog except for Gratitude Fridays. You can send me mail at camp: Tshimakain Creek Camp (Attn: Kerri York) , 6088 Martha Boardman Rd, Ford, WA 99013.

Until next time, bottoms up on your coffee cup! And if you think of me, I could use a Starbucks run way out in the middle of nowhere -- venti nonfat vanilla latte!


joyceandnorm said...

#3 haha I'm like that too. We had a really dry year so far over here. Will be praying for your teaching job. Have fun at camp!

mholgate said...

I'll be praying about your application. 5th graders huh? They sure can be a challenge! But if I had my teaching degree and a choice, I'd go 5th grade or 2nd grade.

Have a great summer at camp. I'll be praying that you get lots of alone time with God while you're there ministering to kids. :)


Emily said...

Lovin' your blog!!
Here is my Thank God on Friday post!

secondofwett said...

A few years ago when my oldest daughter and her husband moved in with us for awhile....we had two large grown dogs, and two new puppies and 10 people living in a 900 sqft house.....I KNOW exactly what you mean! ...those puppies were the cutest to watch while they played though!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Here's my list, on Saturday as usual!

1. A safe trip to and from three days of training and workshops.

2. Hot showers!

3. Naps! (I took one today, and I think they should be required for all mankind.)

4. Flowers in pots, that live.

Hope your first week is just fun!