Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Much Better!

Today I'm feeling much better. Back on track and eating another bowl of multi grain cheerios.
Today's job is finding me teaching in the Resource Room. It's not a new school for me, but definitely a new assignment. I'm up for the challenge today!

Working on that teaching job application, too. I was able to do a quick post office run late in the afternoon to mail off a copy of my teaching certificate and all of my transcripts. Now to get the application complete and hit the "send" button. The deadline is tomorrow so I've got to keep pluggin' away!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!! Two more days til the weekend~

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mholgate said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better today. :) I'm doing pretty good. Yesterday afternoon I grazed two of my fingers on a cinder block. You never realize how much you use your fingers until a couple of them are put out of commission! They are looking pretty good today though, so hopefully they will heal fast.

Praying for your applications...I hope you find what your heart desires.

Take care and let me know when you have a down day so we can do coffee again. :)