Friday, July 3, 2009

Gratitude Friday

It's late Friday night and I'm one tired skinny brown bear!! Two weeks at camp and I'm the darkest I've ever been with being out in the sun. Yes, I wear sunscreen but I just continue to darken. No coffee tonight unless you'd like to make it yourself. I think we have Country Time Leomonade in the yourself!!

Gratitude Friday list includes:

1. young Josephine and Kevin got married!! I have known Josephine since she was two & a part of my daycare in Germany. She and Ian (my son) have been best buds for 20 years and we're glad she's been a part of our lives! Congraluations, Jo and Kevin!! I'll see if I can get a picture posted of them.

2. the Spokane River....I have learned that by sitting in the river with a good book, I can keep really cool on our 90+ degree temp days. What a way to relax and enjoy the outdoors! It's soooo beautiful at the camp.

3. Speaking of camp...WOW!!!! 30 teenagers are part of my list this week. We had kids from Youth for Christ with us and the girls I had in my Challenge Course group were awesome. I learned sooooooo much from them! They each came with their own personal story of sadness and I was humbled. I pray that they have an wonderful school year and that they'd remember what they've learned from camp as they're home today and start school next month.

4. Cooking in the kitchen with my hubby! We tried a new Rachel Ray recipe this evening. It is HOT in the house....I really missed my quiet river time today!....and David had just gotten home from a baseball game. But he cooked right along with me. Dinner was great....pasta with sweet Italian sausage and broccoli.

5. payday!! I was able to buy a new camera today so I will be able to post pictures once again. I'm sad that I haven't had one for over a month because I've had some amazing photo ops and had to settle for making mental images in my brain.

6. air conditioned movie theatres...Ian and I watched "Public Enemies" this afternoon & were captured by the old time gangster movie featuring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. Except for the bedroom type of scenes (I wanted to make Ian close his eyes!!), it was great!! Both the movie and the A/C, plus I splurged for a soda and popcorn. Nice to spend time with Ian, too.

7. catching up with friends! I had coffee with Melissa today. It was good to spend time with her!! I have such limited access to my cell phone (complete with text and email and internet) that I've been trying to connect with everyone while I'm home. I have to drive three miles one way to sit on the side of the road next to some hayfields to get service that comes and goes. I'm VERY THANKFUL for it. I consider it my "cell phone break", like others consider a smoke break. So shoot me an email or text me 5093893620 and I'll try to respond within a day or two. The emails are short since it is on my cell phone, but I'd love to get email from friends!

Happy 4th of July to everyone!! Thank a soldier for your freedom in the USA!


LydiaCate said...

Love your playlist! I think I could park here all day and just listen :)
Love your gratitude list! We Americans have LOTS to be thankful for.
Have a blessed 4th!

secondofwett said...

Isn't it great to get to the movies with your hubby...we don't get to do that very often but a few weeks ago we went to see that movie The Proposal w/Sandra was really funny but I did look down w/some of the scenes...just made me a little uncomfortable.....guess I'm old....but it WAS funny!

Emily said...

Love your list! Here is mine!