Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ta da~ Online Application Done, Documents Mailed ~ ON TIME!

I worked hard tonight to get my online teaching applicaton completed for the Richland School District. They have three openings (a 2nd grade and two 4th grades) for the next school year. I was worried that I might have to make a very quick trip down to Richland (2.5 hours from Spokane) in order to hand deliver my resume and cover letter. Thank goodness I was able to upload them with the application. I priority mailed my teaching certificate and college transcripts yesterday so they will be at the district office with my college placement file. Lots of work to get a teaching job, but if I am blessed to have one of the cherish WA teaching jobs, I will be ecstatic! I'll wait to hear about an interview and we'll go from there. Please be praying! If it works out, I'd move down to Richland for the school year. Lots of logistics but I'll let God be in control. I did my best to complete my application on time. My theme is "if I give the best of me...that becomes my legacy!" I love teaching and I hope it shows through all of my documentation that I've submitted. The interviews is where I really need some coaching to say exactly the right things and not have a fuzzy brain.

Thanks for praying. Stay tuned....I should know something within the next two weeks.

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