Friday, June 26, 2009

Gratitude Friday (on Saturday)

Good morning! I'm back from my first week of was intense training on the challenge course. I think I am one big bruise/sore muscle! I'm learning lots, both about how to minister to the kids I'm working with and lots about myself. Amazing that at 45, I'm still figuring out me.

Here's my list this week~
1. cooler weather. It was hot at camp and I was thankful for the cooler mornings when I'd go for walks/runs. However, I have the start of a great tan!
2. the beauty of the camp. I sit on the deck of the lodge, with my coffee cup, looking at the stillness of the surrounding area. Yesterday I saw an osprey swoop down into the river to grab a fish & take it back up to its nest. HOW MAJESTIC!!
3. reminders of God's love everywhere. The team I'm with is amazing! Out of 18 team members, I'm the mom of the group. But they accept me with open arms and they're such a testimony of His love. We're learning lots together and I'm proud to be a part of Camp Tshimikain.
4. my own bed! Last night I think I fell into a "lack of sleep" coma. I don't remember my head hitting the pillow.
5. a super reliable car. We're headed to Seattle this morning for a half marathon. My car is such a great little car, with A/C. Now that we have a new transmission (in Feb), it has zero problems & it'll be perfect for parking in those tight little places.

Have a wonderful weekend~ coffee is always ready, plus adding unsweetened iced tea to the fridge, too. I miss my girlfriends~ esp. since I don't get email or cell phone coverage all week! (I had LOTS to catch up with -- 257 emails, FACEBOOK, laundry, playing with the puppies and kitties!)

Drop me a note...I'd love to hear from you! Headed back to camp in Monday morning~

Friday, June 19, 2009

Gratitude Friday

Good morning! Grab a big cup of New Guinea coffee and enjoy the chaos with me. At the moment I have five dogs (three beagles, one border collie and one chow mix), four cats (two kittens, one young cat and one old cat), two adult kids and the one & only husband at my house! When the house is only 900 sq feet on the main floor, it's definite chaos when the four legged kids start running through the house! What a time of laughter, though!!

Here's my Gratitude Friday list:

1. strength to do pilates and circuit training! I might be sore tomorrow, but I did the classes this morning and made it through the entire hour & a half. Whew~ these last few pounds have been hanging on so I wanted to up the workouts. Tomorrow I'm doing a fun run, next week is the Seattle RNR Half Marathon.

2. my friend Polly! She and I met this morning for coffee at Rogue. She surprised me with a little birthday gift of a coffee journal and gel pens for writing about my summer adventures.

3. the rain! I don't have to water the lawns today.

4.! I have been able to purchase some amazing teacher types of books for dirt cheap, thanks to When David lived in Germany, I was able to purchase DVDs and music for 75 cents, plus shipping. Check it out yourself!

5. little towns! I've applied for a 5th grade teaching job in the rural community of Tekoa,


The school is cuter than a bug's ear and only has about 100 kids enrolled in its elementary school. David and I are going down to the town tomorrow for the fun run because I truly believe in getting involved in the community where you work. I feel really good about this job and I'd love it if you'd join me in prayer about my application finding favor in whomever reads it & interviews me.

Tekoa Elementary School

This Monday I leave for camp so I won't be updating the blog except for Gratitude Fridays. You can send me mail at camp: Tshimakain Creek Camp (Attn: Kerri York) , 6088 Martha Boardman Rd, Ford, WA 99013.

Until next time, bottoms up on your coffee cup! And if you think of me, I could use a Starbucks run way out in the middle of nowhere -- venti nonfat vanilla latte!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Heart of Worship

Last night as I was driving home, I was listening to this song and really listened to the first few lines. "When the music fades and all is stripped away, I simply come. Longing to bring something of worth that will bless your heart..." What am I doing these days to bless His heart, what do I have that is of worth to bring to Him? I'm headed to camp for the entire summer on Monday so I am busy finishing up last minute details around the house and completing a few more teaching applications. Camp will be a great time of relaxing, reflecting and being with the camp kids!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Point No Point Lighthouse

Hansville, WA is the home of the Point No Point Lighthouse! I was there yesterday, walking on the beach that goes around the lighthouse. Savoring every moment of being in my barefeet, feeling the sand between my toes and the cold waters of Puget Sound. It's times like these that I cherish most -- carefree, sunny days with beautiful blue skies. If this is what Heaven's like, I've already seen a glimpse through Point No Point Lighthouse and beach!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Gratitude Friday

Good morning! Coffee's on~ grab a cup and fill it up! I'm teaching 4th grade this morning at Fairchild AFB so I have to leave pretty soon but enjoy your cup of java. Just leave the cup on the counter, say goodbye to the Beagle Boys and be sure to shut the front door when you leave!

Here's my Gratitude list this morning:

1. ice cream, or to be exact, Skinny Cow ice cream! Low calorie yummy stuff that satisfies the want for something cold.

2. going home for the weekend! I'm headed to Hansville after work and I can't wait.

3. the little church that I attended while I was growing up! The Hansville Community Church is turning 100 years. I'm so thankful for it. I have a picture of me receiving my first Bible from Pastor Overmyer. Wow, you should see the pic...short hair, short dress. Probably about 1970 era.

4. Home Sanctuary! I picked up my floor in the bedroom, thanks to Rachel's prompting. My husband will be happy to come home tonight and not have to wander through the maze of piles.

5. the swing in the backyard! Last night I sat out on it with the hose, spraying the grass to water the areas that the sprinkler doesn't get and keeping myself cooled off, too. The Beagle Boys were out with me but they don't appreciate the water at all. They're pretty comical in all of the ways they try to escape the water spraying on them!

6. Summer plans -- working at the Union Gospel Mission Kids' Camp this summer. A free camp for kids that are from lower income families, it's a summer to just love on them and bless the socks off of them. 50 kids each week -- sunshine, the Spokane River, fun, laughter, kids and sharing Jesus! I'm sure that each weekend I come home, I'll be tired but have amazing stories to share of my adventures!

Have a super duper weekend -- a week and a half til school is out in Spokane!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dreaming...A bargain in this economy!

I have a big swing in my backyard, big enough for three people to sit or one person and two dogs! I absolutely love it because David bought it for me when I was first diagnosed with MS. It could easily become my retreat area in my own back yard. However, I started dreaming of taking it somewhere else or getting something new! There's just something refreshing about the water, mountains or comfort instead of looking at the neighbor's pool or the dried up back yard and zero privacy. See you if you like my choices of locations and furniture. My favorite is the lounger...if you would please put it outside on a lakefront cabin, I'd be in seventh heaven!! (You can buy it from Pottery Barn!) Good thing dreaming is free.....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ta da~ Online Application Done, Documents Mailed ~ ON TIME!

I worked hard tonight to get my online teaching applicaton completed for the Richland School District. They have three openings (a 2nd grade and two 4th grades) for the next school year. I was worried that I might have to make a very quick trip down to Richland (2.5 hours from Spokane) in order to hand deliver my resume and cover letter. Thank goodness I was able to upload them with the application. I priority mailed my teaching certificate and college transcripts yesterday so they will be at the district office with my college placement file. Lots of work to get a teaching job, but if I am blessed to have one of the cherish WA teaching jobs, I will be ecstatic! I'll wait to hear about an interview and we'll go from there. Please be praying! If it works out, I'd move down to Richland for the school year. Lots of logistics but I'll let God be in control. I did my best to complete my application on time. My theme is "if I give the best of me...that becomes my legacy!" I love teaching and I hope it shows through all of my documentation that I've submitted. The interviews is where I really need some coaching to say exactly the right things and not have a fuzzy brain.

Thanks for praying. Stay tuned....I should know something within the next two weeks.

Much Better!

Today I'm feeling much better. Back on track and eating another bowl of multi grain cheerios.
Today's job is finding me teaching in the Resource Room. It's not a new school for me, but definitely a new assignment. I'm up for the challenge today!

Working on that teaching job application, too. I was able to do a quick post office run late in the afternoon to mail off a copy of my teaching certificate and all of my transcripts. Now to get the application complete and hit the "send" button. The deadline is tomorrow so I've got to keep pluggin' away!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!! Two more days til the weekend~

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Double Crum

I got sick this morning after working out at the gym! (I think it was taking meds!)

I had multi grain cheerios for breakfast! (my usual good breakfast!!) but not any coffee.

I had nothing but water for lunch due to having a back to back teaching job and I didn't pack a lunch!

This afternoon I inhaled a candy bar from Walmart!

This evening I ate three pieces of Domino's Hawaiian Pizza!

And I'm reaaaallllllllllly sleepy but the Beagle Boys need to be walked!

I think I'd better walk about 5 miles to get rid of everything I ate and make the scale happy again in the morning!!

This and that

Just a few random thoughts this morning....

  • Teaching 1st grade today. Yesterday was Kindergarten and I think I am glad that I have no more Kindergarten jobs this school year! Love those little guys but I'm ready to teach in some higher grades!
  • Two new kitties! Jennifer and Brad decided that we needed a new kitten. Well, we're getting TWO! One is pure white (her name is Blanco) and the other is grey and white tabby (his name is Bandit) Not sure why they thought we needed one or two kittens. I guess they are coming home in a few weeks. I'll be sure to post pictures when they arrive. Wonder what the Beagle Boys will think of their new chew toys! (Mary, see?!?! You should have sent me your kitties!!)
  • Job searching. I'm working on a job application for Richland School District. They have a few openings and they're only 2 1/2 hours away from Spokane. I'd love to get the 5th grade position or the 4th grade or the 2nd grade! Getting a job in Richland would mean I would have to live there during the school year but it'd be a full time teaching job and I could come home on weekends. (or David could come see me!)
  • David is starting his teaching certification classes at Whitworth University in August!! He wants to get his endorsement in High School Science. After his graduation in 2012, we'll be able to move to where there's jobs!
  • 21 days until I start work out at the Union Gospel Mission Kids' Camp! Lots to do between now and then -- including going home this weekend for a celebration of the Hansville Church, a wedding, continued training for the Seattle Rock and Roll Half Marathon and the Gaudy Gown Gala ladies' retreat. I live out at the camp Monday through Thursday, giving me three day weekends to be at home.

That's the odds and ends of my brain this morning..... time for a big cup of coffee! Enjoy your day~