Friday, October 9, 2009

Gratitude Friday

Woohoo, living on the edge today and changing the picture to the left! :)

I have been relaxing (aka LAZY) all day and just know getting to Gratitude Friday, plus sharing a cup of coffee with the Company Girls. No school today so no job = no stress! Kinda nice.

Grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate (it is rather chilly at my house) and share your Friday Gratitude list with me.

My list:

1. medical insurance coverage. I know I've shared this before but I had to go to the dentist and doctor this week because of TMJ pain. I'm being sent to a TMJ specialist and right now the case is being reviewed. I'm in a lot of pain with not being able to eat much or sleep a lot. Thankfully the dental visit was seen as an emergency, which our dental insurance will cover, and the TMJ visit will be covered, too, because it's seen as medical treatment. I also appreciate the free muscle relaxer samples I can take at night, too. It has made a difference. (Now if I can get the dogs out of my bed at night, I'd be ecstatic!)

2. coffee with friends. It was a very early morning Starbucks date with Polly. I so appreciate her! I swamped her brain with questions and she gave me back some answers to think about. Love those friends who give constructive criticism with grace!

3. date night. David and I are going out tonight to see "Up!" Looks like a hilarious movie, we get to have popcorn for dinner because it's a very early showing, and just spend time together out of the house. (GREAT MOVIE! Loved the story of Carl and Ellie. My favorite quote is "Russell: Sometimes, it's the boring stuff I remember the most." Remember to enjoy the boring stuff, too. It's what memories are made of. GO SEE IT or buy it!)

4. extra work. I'm headed out to camp tomorrow to help work in the kitchen -- serving, dishes and cleaning. I LOVE IT! It's how I paid for my car insurance in high school and college, working at Island Lake Camp's kitchen. I was jumping for joy when Jenny asked if anyone could help her out this week. Imagine getting paid, too! It will be a beautiful fall day out at the camp. Taking my camera.

5. The ease of the Internet. In less than a half hour, I booked a flight to San Francisco and found a hotel to stay at. I'm going in 9 days to see Ian, flying out of Seattle (amazing low fare!) I loved being able to book everything myself and saving lots of $.

Ok, I'm off to see the movie. Could someone feed the Beagle Boys at 5 PM and play with the kitties til we return? THANKS!! Help yourself to whatever treats you can find above the stove... I'm sure there's chocolate up there!


Aiming4Simple said...

Thanks for inspiring me to be more grateful this week, which I hope is reflected in my post today. I haven't seen "Up!" yet. I'll have to snag it at Redbox next month.

One More Equals Four said...

great list! Amazing how just looking at what you can be grateful for helps. I am pretty grateful for hot that we don't have any. And in-laws that live close so we can go shower at their house!

Have a great weekend!

mholgate said...

Sorry to hear you are still having TMJ pain. My Dh is having pain right now too. He's been under a lot of stress lately, so that's when his TMJ starts acting up.

I hope you enjoyed your date night with your DH. Our date nights lately have been date nights in...trying to save some money for half a cow in December!

We still need to get together, friend! I miss you!


JadeLD said...

Hmm I'm all for a hot chocolate. It's been a bit colder in Aberdeen too so we've been opting for a few late nite Cocoas!

Hope you are feeling better now. I love the idea of date night and think that might be a good plan in the future. Hope you enjoyed camp too. I worked at a camp in the USA which was a lot of fun!