Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans' Day

We always laugh at our house and tell our favorite veteran (my husband, Retired Master Sergeant David York, USAF) that we're thankful for the day off from school while we remember his dedication to service. Then we make him get to work around the house! Lest you think that we're not being very reverent to our veterans, this family is the most patriotic family that has ever been! After being an active duty family for 24+ years in the United States Air Force, we have learned the true meaning of patriotism. Our blood runs red, white and blue 24-7! We are proud of what David has done for his country and we salute him and all of the other veterans. We stop and think of those friends and family members that are not with us in person anymore. Not just today, but often. (David's dad was a World War II veteran who passed away in 2005.) We also remember those ladies and gentlemen serving today on American soil and foreign land. Our flag is flying at our house this morning! Take time to thank a veteran for your continued freedom here in the United States of America!


Holly said...

It's so wonderful that your whole family recognizes the sacrifices veteran's have made for us. I wish more people didn't just take them for granted.

benjyjen said...

Thanks for sharing your guy with Ridgeview! We were honored to have him! Wish you could have been there by his side. He mentioned you, Mrs. York! :) Happy day of rest and rememberence.

Rachel Anne said...

Welcome to the Company Girls! What a nice, handsome veteran you've got there. I think you should keep him around :)