Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My two Snifferdoodles!

My two Snifferdoodles, aka beagles Dieter and Ubu!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


benjyjen said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you my friend! Thanks for your kind words on my blog and for your thoughts and prayers!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm wondering why you chose those names for the puppies?

Kerri said...

The orginal names were Dieter and Hans, but we changed Hans to Ubu this afternoon! We lived in Germany for 4 years our first time overseas and 2 years the second time. (We're a recently retired Air Force family!) So we wanted German names for the dogs. However, Hans didn't fit our "Moose" of a dog (he's a big puppy) and I've ALWAYS wanted to name a dog after the tv production tag line of "sit, Ubu, sit!" So, now we have our two sweetheart beagles named! We just got Ubu this weekend (he's the brother of Dieter) so he's got to learn his name. Dieter knows his quite well!