Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Dawning of a New Day

I was reading a book that was given to me four years ago (and I've read it MANY times!) -- "Living Again in God's Abundance" by Susanne Dale Ezell -- and I stumbled on the following passage, which goes with yesterday's post.

I have learned that with God's help, I can - and I will - stand on my own two feet. I have walked through the valley of deep darkness, and now I can move on to the green pastures and still waters. In the depth of my being, I can now feel a stillness, a calm and a strength. I am ready to embrace whatever life has to offer! There are good days ahead!

The author continued by listing positive statements like "I will smile more, I will continue to pamper myself, I will grow more interesting with age, I will let go of things I cannot change, etc."

My question tonight is "What positive statements -- an 'I WILL' statement -- would you include in this list?"


Praise and Coffee said...

I will be thankful...

Kerri, I'm so glad to "meet" you!
Thanks for stopping by, I love the name of your blog :)


Joanna said...

I will take better care of myself.

Kerri said...

I will embrace each morning with a smile.