Friday, September 19, 2008

Gratitude Friday list...

With the help of the same friend who got me started on "10 on 10", I'll do my Gratitude Friday list. I especially needed to read her blog tonight as I'm sitting here drinking a Starbucks alone and wondering what everyone else is doing!

1. My husband of 24 years! He's working for the county now and it's hard to be in a totally new career field after being in the Air Force for 24+ years. I'm proud of him.
2. Starbucks! My good friend, almost everywhere I go in this world!
3. My job -- I was invited to be a guest teacher two times this week and loved both experiences. Next week I have a full schedule!! Yipeee~
4. The beauty of the Inland NW -- I saw the magnificent sunset last night and just said "WOW!" This morning I drove over a bridge that crossed the Spokane River and was "wow'ed" again. The morning was chilly and there was a faint mist mixing with the river and the fall colors in the trees and bushes. I've got to take my camera with me so you all can see the beauty!
5. My cell phone! I know this sounds funny, but it's my way to keep in touch with the kids and good friends. Texting, calling, pictures and email are great for those times I need to have human contact via technology. Plus, it keeps me linked up with my guest teaching assignments.

Hey, I think I kinda did this list last's called "Friday and blessings!"

(Ok, passing this on to whomever to start their own Gratitude Friday list! I'm snapped out of my grumpy attitude as I sip the last of my wonderful Vanilla Latte'. Thanks, Jenny and Vicki!)

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benjyjen said...

You are welcome! Welcome to the world of gratitude! We need to be sure to practice it every day! We have a lot to be grateful for! thank you, Lord!