Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Anniversary Getaway!

We drove to Silver Mountain (Idaho) for our 24th wedding anniversary. We stayed at the new Mountain Star Lodge, located next to the gondola. What a fun time!! We did the waterpark both days (wishing we'd had little kids with us because it's definitely a kid-friendly place!), had dinner, enjoyed the hottub, enjoyed a massage and ate all of the yummies left in our studio room for us!

This is one view of the waterpark. The river in the foreground goes quickly around so you can "float" all the island. Fun waterfalls and different things to watch & the sun shone on us the entire time! Beware of all of the amazing water features -- you'll never know when you'll have water splashed on you!

The FlowRider Surf Wave is much harder than it looks. This is one of the rides for the "big" kids (or lifeguards off duty!). David tried it and realizes that he needs a lot more practice. But he still had a smile at the end!

Mountain Star Lodge is beautiful! There's features galore that just made it a nice stay. I especially liked the outside fireplaces at night and the waterfalls throughout the lodge complex walkways. We plan on going back the second weekend of October for the Octoberfest so we can ride the gondola up to the top of Silver Mountain and see the fall colors!


benjyjen said...

Happy Anniversary, Kerri! Sounds like you had a fabulous trip! What a special time away! We will have to file that in our weekend getaway ideas!

Susanne said...

Happy 24th Anniversary! It looks like a wonderful celebration of a special event. We celebrated our 25th this year.