Friday, November 20, 2009

Gratitude Friday

It's the middle of the night but it's still Friday! Grab a BIG cup of coffee and join me in Gratitude Friday.

1. the ability to help plan Jennifer's wedding, via email! I just had a glimpse of the ceremony and reception materials needed for the big day. Jen and Brad arrive on Wednesday for the Thanksgiving weekend and I can already have some items in Jen's box to send back with her to Goldendale. If email wasn't available, we'd be sunk with waiting for the pony express! We have gotten spoiled with the speed of communication these days.
2. warm comforters! As I'm perched on my computer chair at 3:10, I realize that this house is cold and perhspa I really should be back under that warm comforter on my bed. However, I'll press on, share my thoughts that no one else ever really reads & then go back to bed.
3. teaching jobs! I've been blessed with many guest teaching jobs. I'm really starting to understand Kindergartners and how their little brains operate. They are sweet kiddos!
4. David's unemployment! Ok, it's definitely not a blessing, but his being off work has allowed me to write "honey do" lists for around the house. I have my longtime friend Wendy arriving on Saturday afternoon and the house is going to be sparkling because of his wonderful cleaning and polishing. The Thanksgiving meal is almost completely purchased and ready for consumption. I haven't lifted a finger on the shopping! Thanks, Mr. York!
5. snowflakes! I don't think I posted last week and there was a small showing of snowflurries during the afternoon recess break on Friday. One of the girls in another class had never seen snow before! It was a fascination to watch her during the recess. I almost felt giddy as she stuck her tongue out to catch a snowflake and, of course, I joined her!
6. Starbucks coffee and treats! I met up with my summertime boss yesterday and not only splurged on my favorite drink (first time Starbucks ALL week!), I inhaled the first of the season cranberry bliss bar. Oh my goodness! It was sooooo delightful. I can't afford to buy the whole loaf so I'm going to have to search for a recipe to make something very similar to it. Did I mention I also bought not one or two, but FOUR Christmas ornaments? The very cutest miniature Starbucks cold drink cups. Can't wait to see them on the tree! (I only get one; the kids get the rest!)
Wishing you a wonderful Friday before Thanksgiving! Enjoy your coffee this morning~ I know I will need a triple dose of it. Just insert the IV into my arm. I won't feel a thing, honest!
PS I'm needing to revise my blog -- it's kinda boring, both in look and information. I am definitely not the eloquent writer that I've seen out in blogland, nor am I filled with a sense of humor in my writings like my friend Mary (LOVE her blog! Cohagen Chronicles), or a "filled to the gill" writer of energy, play on words thoughts and inspiration like my friend Rachel at the beautiful Home Sanctuary site. I would like to be so blessed as a writer but I know I have a style of my own hidden somewhere....ideas?


Anonymous said...

OK - three oclock in the morning! You should be asleep. Let me know if I can lend a hand with wedding stuff - I am such a pro.


carikaufm said...

i echo Lisa's 3 am should be under the comforter, girl...but i challenge the fact that no one reads your blog...cause we are out there, reading your thoughts.

I also challenge you on your writing style...I for one, happen to like the clean and straightforward way that you write...Changing the blog layout is always a fun way to spruce things up (kind of like changing your hair color- without changing the cut, you know)...

Have agreat weekend!

joyceandnorm said...

1. and people still complain that it's too slow. go figure.
2. i read your thoughts! okay, that doesn't sound quite right.
3. hooray! kids are sooo interesting. i'm so glad i was able to teach pre-k once upon a time and have a bunch of child dev classes under my belt so i know my kids are more or less "normal".
4. blessing in disguise. it was the same with norm's unemployment, right before emily was born. i was so happy to have him around to do stuff that i couldn' bend over to pick something up, and he drove me to my appts. what great hubbies we have!
5. no snow here.
6. can't remember the last time i had Starbucks, but norm was there 2 days ago.

i feel the same way about our blog. it's not one of our top priorities, so it's just blah right now. maybe the new year will bring us some blog facelifts.

mholgate said...

I'm thankful I wasn't up at 3:00am! There was a day this week when I woke up at 4:30 though. I hope you get a nap in this afternoon! :)

Your writing is just fine friend! I am always inspired by your gratitude lists. Maybe just add a little color. :)


One More Equals Four said...

Email is great especially for those of us who are far from our families.

Love a warm comforter. Sometimes I even tell my husband to let it get cold just so I can snuggle up under the comforter at night.

As for your blog, it is fun to change the layout and look, but you should just be yourself when you write. I have had many feelings of inferiority in blogging, but the truth is, do it for me and to keep my family connected. I will never be a world famous blogger, but I am true to myself and hopefully a witness to God and that is all that really matters!