Friday, November 6, 2009

Gratitude Friday

1. Five and six year olds! Great morning of teaching with them.

2. Hawaiian pizza! That's what's for dinner after a stressful afternoon (I taught a different grade level in the afternoon.)

3. Four days of work. With David being unemployed, every penny earned counts.

4. Leftover Halloween candy. I've been enjoying the samplers of Butterfingers and Snickers; items I can't take to school to share because of the peanuts.

5. An inexpensive brake repair job on David's car. What might have cost $500 was only $200. It was a faulty valve, not the actual brakes.

Ok, grab a cup of coffee and some pumpkin chocolate muffins. Take a minute to sit down and visit with me. I've missed you! What have you been up to these days?


mholgate said...

I'm so glad you've kept busy substituting. I've been praying for God to keep you working. :)

Still need to have a real cup of coffee sometime.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Great list! It's always great to see your status updates on FB saying that you'll be teaching.

Now I want some pizza. =p

Dawn said...

Love your list! And oh how I love Hawaiian pizza! YUM! Thanks for the coffee!

Rachel Anne said...

I'm late getting around for coffee, but I DID make it this weekend!

Yay for the sub jobs. Sounds like it's been pretty steady for you. Will keep praying about Dave's job.

Pizza sounds good right about now!